What Mourning The Death Of A Slain Child In Chicago Is Like (HBO)

Chicago has one of the highest homicide rates in the country, most of the young victims of crime are serviced at Leak & Son’s Funeral Home which arranges nearly 3,000 funerals per year.

“On Saturday the most funerals take place,” Spencer Leak Sr, President & CEO of Leak & Son’s Funeral Home told VICE News. “We may find ourselves with 10, 12, 15 church services throughout the community — all at the same time.”

VICE News follows the painful experience of one family mourning the loss of Prince Kargou, their beloved teenage son, as they say goodbye with the help of Leak & Sons, a funeral home based in Chicago’s south side accustomed to serving homicide victims.

Kargou’s father, who brought his children to Chicago to escape a war-torn Liberia, and his girlfriend, who witnessed the murder, says the tragedy is an example of how violence permeating the city affects innocent victims.

“There should be no ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ in America,” Kargou’s father told VICE News.​ “But this city, Chicago, has become like a warzone.”

19-year-old Prince Kargou was shot in the head while he and his girlfriend were visiting a friend in the 7200 block of South Bennett on September 3. He died the next day. Chicago police say Kargou wasn’t associated with gang violence, and no arrests have been made in his case. Kargou’s murder is one of 461 in the city this year.

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