Warp Fa2e – Brain Damage [Close 2 Death]

Would you look at that, another sound design and groove relic surfacing in the DnB world that happens to come from Russia (and definitely with love). Consistently smashing neurofunk imprint for several years now Close 2 Death is back again with a brand new and red hot album – Warp Fa2e’s “No Fear” LP! In the world of next-level neurofunk, you won’t find that it gets much better than this.
Warp Fa2e made his artist debut on YouSoFat with monster of a tune called “Cracks” in 2014, and now with a handful of singles and EPs on labels like Greypost Audio and even this one, the Russian badman up-and-comer is ready for his career beginning full length album. “No Fear” LP proudly boasts ten solid tracks that are far from minimal. This is not DnB for the weak or feeble, this is as hard and thrashing as technological neuro goes without turning into just plain crossbreed or hardcore. With tunes like “Fatman” showcasing a really slick Telekinesis-like sound and anthems like “Total Destruction” and title track “No Fear” (featuring the likes of Neuro lyrical badman Coppa himself), it should go without saying that this one is an absolute staple for the record bag.

WORLDWIDE 23.11.15

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