Volatile Cycle – Status ft Nuklear MC

Renegade Hardware Presents
‘Reaktiv LP’

Volatile Cycle, a name that is becoming firmly cemented into the upper echelons of cutting edge drum and bass is taking the scene by storm with their take on the darker end of the drum and bass spectrum. Consisting of 2 members, Dan Lawrence and James Chick, they began experimenting individually with genres such as garage and glitch hop and eventually found their niche in drum and bass. Building up their rep with a slew of releases on a number of reputable drum and bass outputs, they have worked their way up through the ranks to finally drop their debut LP on the seminal and beloved label Renegade Hardware. The Reaktiv LP is a masterclass in drum and music, showcasing their highly refined technical ability, yet still retaining the classic style reminiscent of the early Hardware days. Opening track ‘Wrench’ sets the tone, cutting through with razor sharp precision, whilst ‘Reckless’ and ‘Obey’ dominate the dancefloor with pulsating sub frequencies and rattling percussions. Newcomer to the scene Yen joins forces to unleash sinister undertones with ‘Forgotten Future’, whilst Russian neurofunk whizz Cod3x teams up with the duo to kill the dance with ‘Bounce. Nuklear MC puts his lyrical stamp on the track ‘Status’, a stripped back roller designed to cause maximum dancefloor damage. The Reaktiv LP is a huge milestone for Volatile Cycle. Showcasing their production chops, yet demonstrating an impressive degree of versatility. Volatile Cycle are set to officially make their mark and rise up to contend with the household drum and bass names. 2016 is their year and they will be taking no prisoners. The year is 2016. The year is Volatile Cycle.

1.Volatile Cycle – Wrench
2.Volatile Cycle & YEN – Forgotten Future
3.Volatile Cycle – Reckless
4.Volatile Cycle – Status ft MC Nuklear
5.Volatile Cycle – Mirror Image
6.Volatile Cycle – Subcurrent
7.Volatile Cycle – Obey
8.Volatile Cycle & COD3X – Bounce
9.Volatile Cycle – Surface

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