VICE News Daily: Indian Farmers Commit Suicide Due to Ruined Crops

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Dozens of Indian farmers have committed suicide after their crops failed due to heavy rains, illegal tapping into an oil pipeline in Mexico caused a spill leaving thousands without water, one Polish cargo company is using drones to catch coal thieves, and a Japanese artist is charged with obscenity over her vagina art.

Farmers Suicides Continue Amid Ruined Crops
Heavy rains destroyed millions of acres of crops leading to financial ruin for many agricultural workers.

Oil Spill Leaves Thousands Without Water
Illegal tapping into a pipeline caused an oil spill affecting thousands in the southern Tabasco state.

Drones Used in Fight Against Coal Theft
One cargo shipping company is using drones to help prevent thieves from stealing coal off its trains.

Vagina Art Triggers Debate Over Women’s Rights
Megumi Igarashi has been charged with obscenity for creating objects modeled after her vagina.

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