VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – March 27, 2014.

The VICE News Capsule is a daily roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: al-Sisi to run for president of Egypt, Mexican CEO scandal, clashes in Burundi and virtual reality as a new kind of therapy.

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Sisi to Run for President
Egyptian army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has announced that he will be resigning as the country’s defense minister in order to run for the presidency.

Citigroup’s Mexican Subsidiary Oceanografia Investigated for Fraud
The CEO of Citigroup’s Mexican subsidiary Oceanograf√≠a has been placed under house arrest as authorities look into the company’s financial reporting.

Clashes in Burundi Over Alleged Attempts to Abuse Power
Police in Burundi’s capital clashed with opposition supporters in what’s being called the country’s worst political crisis since the end of it’s 12-year civil war that ended in 2005.

Virtual Reality Stroke Therapy Tricks Brain into Rewiring Itself
Swiss developers say they’ve created the first platform to allow doctors to track precise data of a stroke patient’s recovery.

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