Under Fire with the Right Sector (Excerpt from ‘Ukraine’s Failed Ceasefire’)

On the frontlines in eastern Ukraine, a number of volunteer battalions fight alongside the Ukrainian army, holding the line against separatist attacks.

One of those volunteer groups is the Right Sector, an ultranationalist group who were prominent during the 2014 Euromaidan revolution. Unlike other volunteer groups, the Right Sector has not been absorbed into Ukrainian military structure and so oversight of their conduct is minimal.

Despite allegations of theft, torture, and extrajudicial killings, the group continues to operate on the frontlines in some of the most dangerous locations. But it has recently protested against the ceasefire, and clashed with police in the west of the country over an alleged smuggling ring.

In this excerpt from ‘Ukraine’s Failed Ceasefire,’ VICE News spent time with Right Sector soldiers at their positions outside the strategically important factory town of Avdiivka, just a few miles north of Donetsk International Airport, which is held by Donetsk People’s Republic rebel forces.

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