Thys – Movement I (Tetris, Mon Amour) (Official Video)

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“When Club Guy and Roni asked me to write a score for their piece ‘Tetris, Mon Amour’, I immediately had the idea to release a studio version and to do a music video, with dance being a very visual form of creative expression. The video is about game play, beating the machine, outperforming yourself, absolute focus, dedication and about something that’s supposed to be fun but isn’t always really literally fun but still keeps dragging you back in.” – Thijs

Music: Thys
Video Concept and Direction: Lex Vesseur, Thijs de Vlieger
Camera: Jelmer Buitinga, Lex Vesseur
Editor: Lex Vesseur
Choreography: Roni Haver
Dancers: Camilo Chapela, Angela Herenda, Tatiana Matveeva, Sofiko Nachkebiya, Adam Peterson, Igor Podsiadly, Lewis Seivwright
Costumes: Evgeniia Shalimova
Production and Technique: Maarten Otten, Eva Puschendorf, Boes Diertens