Thousands of Protesters Block Government HQ in Kiev #EuroMaidan

The opposition have entrenched themselves in the center of the Ukrainian capital, ready to repel police, while a column of 5,000 activists are picketing the cabinet headquarters. Police are trying to persuade intruders to leave government facilities.

Early in the morning opposition leaders formed a column of protesters that marched to the Ukrainian government headquarters and encircled it, declaring they would stay there all day to prevent the government from functioning. Protesters have also announced a national strike starting from Monday.

Eight buses with officers from the Berkut riot police squad are parked in the courtyard of the government building, but they are not interfering with the demonstrators. Police are guarding the entrances to the cabinet.

Those blocking government headquarters are carrying national flags and banners of the nationalist Svoboda (Freedom) party, following overnight clashes with the police.

Opposition leaders have addressed their supporters and reiterated their demands: resignation of both the government and the president and early presidential and parliamentary elections.