This Artist Built A Career Out Of Leaving Positive Notes To Strangers Around London

Artist Andy Leek leaves notes to strangers around London to brighten up their day.

He started the project 3 years ago after a career in advertising and after recovering from a mental health problem.

“I had a very long commute and I realised that was probably my only chance to make art,” he told Business Insider. “So I started off trying to make a difference for one person every day by leaving cards with positive notes to strangers on them in copies of the Metro and leaving them on seats for random people to find.”

At the bottom of each note, Andy signs off with his Instagram handle. He gained such a big following that 9 months later making notes became his full-time job.

Andy is now also working with brands and other companies, but he wants to keep the positive intentions of his original project.

Follow Andy on Instagram @notestostrangers


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