The Aftermath of the Battle for Marinka (Extra Scene from ‘Ukraine’s Failed Ceasefire’)

On June 3, forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) attacked the Ukrainian-controlled town of Marinka, around half a mile west of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk. The assault came three months after the signing of the second ceasefire, agreed in Minsk between the DNR and the Ukrainian government after the collapse of the first truce in early January.

This ceasefire though, much like the first, failed to bring an end to the fighting. The attack on Marinka was the first large-scale assault on a Ukrainian-held town since February, and led many to believe a feared DNR summer offensive had begun. The assault failed, however, after the Ukrainian forces swiftly counter-attacked and forced the DNR to retreat — with both sides blaming each other for the escalation.

In this extra scene from ‘Ukraine’s Failed Ceasefire,’ VICE News met DNR soldiers in the trenches and talked to Ukrainian forces to find out more about the attack on Marinka.

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