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This week on Africa Weekly, we take you to Kenya where a US NGO has been trialling a campaign that offers villagers a cash income to help alleviate poverty, and we meet 78-year-old Hatifari Munongi, the oldest Zimbabwean to earn a university degree, who has built a replica traditional homestead at her home in Harare.FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLYFOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY

Zimbabwe opposition reacts after riot police break up presser

Nelson Chamisa, leader of the Zimbabwean opposition party ‘Movement for Democratic Change’, apologises to international journalists after his press conference was disrupted by police in riot gear, following the announcement of the election results. SOUNDBITE

Zimbabwean police arrest opposition MDC supporters

Police arrest supporters of MDC after being holed up in their office for almost 24 hrs, Harare. IMAGES AND SOUNDBITES

Zimbabwe elections

Soldiers and police cleared the streets of central Harare on Thursday a day after a deadly crackdown on protestors as the Zimbabwean authorities begged for patience over the release of the results from landmark presidential elections.VIDEOGRAPHIC

Zimbabwe awaits vote results after troops fire on protesters

Zimbabwean opposition MDC-Alliance members clash with the military and police after they were deployed to the streets of Harare.

Zimbabwean opposition supporters celebrate as MDC claim victory

Zimbabwean opposition party supporters celebrate outside the Movement for Democratic Change party headquarters in Harare. The MDC are claiming victory in the country’s historic elections, setting the scene for a showdown with the ruling ZANU-PF that has held power since independence in 1980. IMAGES

Zimbabwe’s ousted former president Mugabe casts vote in Harare

Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe casts his ballot in the country’s first election since he was ousted by the military in November after ruling for 37 years. IMAGES

Opposition leader Chamisa casts vote in Zimbabwean election

Zimbabwean opposition leader Nelson Chamisa of the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) casts his vote in Harare in the 2018 presidential election. It is the country’s first election since authoritarian leader Robert Mugabe was ousted last year. IMAGES

Black and white Zimbabwe farmers try to bridge a sharp divide

A unique pair of farmers have joined forces to create what they hope will be the model for future Zimbabwean farms. Pieter Gertenbach and Gary Shoka believe only through working together can the country’s agriculture be restored to its former glory.

Zimbabwean court holds special session to receive nominations

A Zimbabwean court holds a special session to receive nominations from election candidates. IMAGES