Zimbabwean opposition attends funeral of protest victim

Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Nelson Chamisa attends the funeral of one of the victims of deadly protests over fuel price hikes. IMAGES

Zimbabwe activist Mawarire back in court

Zimbabwean activist Evan Mawarire is back in court for a second day where to face charges of subverting the Zimbabwe government. Mawarire is accused of subverting a constitutional government and incitement to commit violence by posting videos on social media supporting a national strike over a drastic increase in fuel prices. IMAGES of Mawarire arriving at a Harare courthouse

Zimbabwe activist in court for ‘subversion’ after protests

Zimbabwean activist Evan Mawarire has appeared in court in Harare to face subversion charges as authorities crack down on anti-government protests in which doctors say 68 people suffered gunshot wounds.

Zimbabweans arrested for fuel protests appear in court

About 70 people arrested for protesting fuel price increases in Zimbabwe three days ago arrive at Harare Magistrate’s Court. The nationwide protests were triggered by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s announcement that fuel prices were doubling – resulting in at least five people being killed, many more injured, and more than 600 arrests. IMAGES

Police detain leading Zimbabwe activist after protests

Leading Zimbabwean activist Evan Mawarire is detained by police, taken from his house in a widening crackdown after anti-government protests. IMAGES

Zimbabwe: streets of Harare empty after deadly demonstrations

The streets of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, are deserted after demonstrations against a government hike in fuel prices turned violent.

Fuel hike sparks protests in Zimbabwe

Demonstrations erupt in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare to protest against the sharp rise in fuel prices ordered by the government, in the midst of a severe economic crisis. IMAGES

Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF part holds annual conference

Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF part holds annual conference in Esigodini with a speech from President Emmerson Mnangagwa. IMAGES

Zimbabwe opposition party demonstration draws thousands

Thousands of anti-government demonstrators march through Harare in the first rally since a deadly crackdown on an election protest in August. Many protestor showed their support for the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) party leader Nelson Chamisa, who claims he is the rightful winner of the election.

Lives at risk as drug prices soar in crisis-hit Zimbabwe

Since starting treatment five years ago, 50-year-old Alice Chenyika kept her blood pressure under control by adhering to doctors’ strict instructions to take two daily doses of nifedipine. Now Zimbabwe’s worsening economic crisis has pushed prices up, and the medicine is far beyond her reach — one of many signs of Zimbabwe’s painful transition since the fall of Robert Mugabe a year ago this month.