Hospital Podcast 223 with London Elektricity

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London Elektricity presents an all vinyl podcast featuring new music from Fred V & Grafix, Reso,and Rawtekk, as well as the usual wide selection of drum & bass music from across the scene.

Metrik & Friction ‘Legacy’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Recognise (Emperor remix)’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Sick Of Your Secrets’
Reso ‘Pulse Code’
Rawtekk ‘Photone Recruits (Phace remix)’
London Elektricity ‘Snow Angels’
Camo & Krooked ‘All Night (Etherwood remix)’
Metrik ****
Optiv & BTK ‘Tapout’
Orchestra Galactica ‘Andromeda Variations’
Royalston ‘The Test VIP’
Logistics ‘Keep Pushing’
S.P.Y ‘By Your Side (Keeno remix)’

Hospital Podcast 217 – The Xmas Cast 2013 – LIVE

London Elektricity presents the Christmas Podcast 2013… Get more podcast via iTunes or as an MP3 download here –

Audio ‘Headroom VIP’
Young Kato ‘Drink, Dance And Play (Chords remix)’
TEED ‘Garden (Calibre remix)’
dBridge & Skeptical ‘Move Way’
Frederic Robinson ‘Theme Park’
S.P.Y ‘One Last Quest’
Etherwood feat. Georgia Yates & Bev Lee Harling ‘Falling Out Of Consciousness’
Om Unit ‘The Hand’
Nu:Logic ‘Day & Night’
Keeno & Whiney ‘Hold Ya’
Break ‘Music Is Better’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Goggles’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Games People Play’
Frederic Robinson ‘Mixed Signals’
S.P.Y ‘By Your Side (Keeno remix)’
Nu:Logic feat. Lifford ‘Everlasting Days’
Etherwood ‘Begin By Letting Go’
Cinematic Orchestra ‘Breathe (Logistics bootleg remix)’
Camo & Krooked ‘Loving You Is Easy (S.P.Y remix)’
Etherwood ‘Weightless’