Yemenis upcycle shot-up buses to ease water shortage for students | AFP

Once a bus wreck peppered with bullet holes, the pristine white water tanker parked in front of a Yemen university now delivers water to students in the war-torn and cholera-hit south.

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Yemenis apply traditional ‘kohl’ during holy month of Ramadan | AFP

Yemeni men and children line up outside the Great Mosque in Sanaa to have traditional ‘kohl’ applied to their eyes from the ‘Makhala’, an ornate pot made of wood or copper. Applying ‘kohl’ to the eyes is believed to have therapeutic qualities and is one of the Yemeni customs of Ramadan.

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Tales of displaced Yemenis: two camps, same tragedy

For many families in Yemen, the war has not only stripped them of their livelihoods, homes and belongings but something far more valuable: their dignity. Two million people have been displaced by the conflict between the government, backed by a Saudi-led military coalition, and the Iran-aligned Huthi rebels.

‘Lazy attitude in media towards Yemen crisis’: 6x more casualties than previously thought

A new report by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, claims the number of Yemenis killed since 2016 has reached 60,000.
That figure’s six times greater than the normally-cited 10,000 dead.

Andrea Carboni, one of the researchers behind the report, feels the crisis in Yemen has gone largely under-reported despite its huge scale.


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