STFU Donny 003

Donny featuring Katharsys, Sinister Souls & Forbidden Society – Bad Human EP forthcoming next month on Crash Pang Wallop.


01. Donny & Katharsys – Wraith (Forbidden Society Remix) (Crash Pang Wallop)
02. Current Value – Eager Fight A.M.C Remix (Titan)
03. High Rankin – Active Shooter Event (PRSPCT)
04. Merikan – Superficial Extent (PRSPCT)
05. Donny & Sinister Souls – Kill The Right People (Crash Pang Wallop)
06. Akov – Shak Out (C4C)
07. Fragz – All Systems (Algorythm)
08. Donny – In a Dream (Crash Pang Wallop)
09. Traimer & Nagato – Bastards (Yellow Stripe)
Donny – The Resistance (Algorythm)
10. Maniatics – The Script (Titan)
11. Counterstrike, Dub Elements & Thrasher – Renegades (PRSPCT)
12. Fragz & Merikan – Hard Knocks (PRSPCT)
13. Forbidden Society – Sellout (Counterstrike Remix) (Forbidden Society)
14. Black Sun Empire – Crash Drive (Aggressor Bunx Remix) (Blackout Music)
15. Sinister Souls & Pythius – Ultimatum (PRSPCT)
16. Traimer & Nagato – Fairy Tales (PRSPCT LTD)
17. Fragz & Counterstrike – Inhale (Algorythm)
18. Katharsys – Darken (Yellow Stripe)
19. Merikan – Infobesity (Blackout Music)
20. Forbidden Society – Street Justice (The Clamps Remix) (Forbidden Society)
21. Akov – Growing Pains (C4C)
22. Merikan – You’re a Sick-O (PRSPCT)
23. Neonlight – Project Flare (Pythius Remix) (Blackout Music)
24. Donny – Your World (Katharsys Remix) (Crash Pang Wallop)
25. Merikan – Counter-Insurgency (Methlab)
26. Forbidden Society – BWM (Donny Remix) (Forbidden Society Recordings)
27. High Rankin – Bow or Burn (PRSPCT)
28. Merikan – One Man’s Hell Is Another Man’s Paradise (PRSPCT)
29. Donny – Bad Human (Crash Pang Wallop)

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fraGz! – Infiltrate

I never thought I would see the day where I upload a fraGz! track but this one is too good to pass up. Not that this dude’s tunes are bad, because they are quite the opposite, but his style is usually a lot more hardcore and a lot closer to Crossbreed / Gabber (think of Yellow Stripe, PRSPCT, Position Chrome and so on). “Infiltrate” is possibly one of the most groovy tech Drum & Bass tunes I have ever heard, and it’s on a free compilation LP on Nocid Business called “State of Mentality” (2013).

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