China’s police state goes global, leaving refugees in fear | AFP

Muslims who escaped China’s crackdown in Xinjiang still live in fear, saying new homes abroad and even Western passports afford them no protection against a state-driven global campaign of intimidation.

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As China locks up Muslims in Xinjiang, it opens its doors to tourists | AFP

From the expansive dunes of the Taklamakan Desert to the snow-capped peaks of Tianshan, Chinese authorities are promoting the western Xinjiang region as a tourist idyll, welcoming travellers even as they send locals into internment camps. The government has rounded up an estimated one million Uighurs and other mostly Muslim Turkic-speaking minorities into re-education camps in the tightly-controlled region in China’s northwest, but it has also created a parallel universe for visitors, who are only shown a carefully curated version of traditional customs and culture.

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They Come For Us At Night: China’s Vanishing Muslims (Full Report)

China’s Uighur minority live a dystopian nightmare of constant surveillance and brutal policing. At least one million of them are believed to be living in what the U.N. described as a “massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy,” while many Uighur children are taken to state-run orphanages where they’re indoctrinated into Chinese customs.

The Uighurs’ plight has largely been kept hidden from the world, thanks to China’s aggressive attempts to suppress the story at all costs.

VICE News’ Isobel Yeung posed as a tourist to gain unprecedented access to China’s western Xinjiang region, which has been nearly unreachable by journalists.

She and our crew experienced China’s Orwellian surveillance and harassment first-hand during their time in Xinjiang, and captured chilling hidden-camera footage of eight Uighur men detained by police in the middle of the night. We spoke with members of the Uighur community about their experience in these camps, and about China’s attempts to silence their history and lifestyle under the cover of darkness.

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Xinjiang’s wrecked mosques: A tense Ramadan | AFP

Mosques in China’s Xinjiang region once hummed with life but the recent destruction of dozens of them highlights the increasing pressure Uighurs and other ethnic minorities face in the heavily policed region.

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Former Muslim detainee tells of China camp traumas

Omir Bekali, an ethnic Kazakh says he spent several weeks in a Chinese re-education camp in Xinjiang before fleeing to Turkey a year ago. UN experts say China holds one million Muslims in camps in the heavily policed Xinjiang region where most of the country’s ethnic Uyghur, the largest Muslim minority live. But for Omir, his experience in the camp was more about trauma than education.

From camps to factories: Muslim detainees say China using forced labour

Former Muslim prisoners held in “re-education” camps in Xinjiang, China say they have been forced by the Chinese authorities to work in factories for poverty wages. While the Chinese authorities deny any forced labour, many Kazakhs say they have lost contact with their relatives in Xinjiang and suspect that they are being transferred to camps and factories.

Uighur rally at US mission to the UN

Demonstrators in front of the US Mission to the United Nations call upon the US to protest against China’s crackdown on ethnic Uighur and other Muslim minorities. Up to one million Uighurs and members of other mostly Muslim minority groups are being held in extrajudicial detention in camps in Xinjiang, according to a group of experts cited by the UN.

Chinese Muslims forced into re-education camps

(21 Nov 2018) While thousands of Uighur Muslims across China’s Xinjiang region are forced into re-education camps, China’s fledgling vision for ethnic unity is taking shape in a village where Han Chinese work and live alongside Uighur minorities. (Nov. 21)

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China’s internment camps aim to ‘brainwash’ Muslim minorities

Amnesty International says China’s internment camps are trying to “brainwash” Xinjiang’s Muslim minorities into obeying the Communist Party in political re-education facilities, where guards are equipped with tear gas, Tasers, stun guns and spiked clubs to keep tight control over the “students,” according to government documents.

Kazakh families torn apart in China’s Xinjiang crackdown

When he looks back on his youth in China’s far-west Xinjiang region, Akikat Kaliolla, an ethnic Kazakh, recalls the place’s natural beauty and the big, colourful weddings typical of his majority-Muslim community. But now Emin County where he grew up is a sealed-off pocket in a region experiencing a security crackdown against what Beijing calls separatist elements.