Darkness Hides Mixtape (666 Videos) [Free Download]

So here is my 666th video! Inspired by what i originally made the channel for….Darkstep drum and bass! Kept this entire mix pure and evil, download the full thing here below, enjoy!

Free Download: http://tiny.cc/DarknessHidesMixtape

1.Nize5ive & Pitc N Sulphur – The Cell
2.N.Phect & Dizplay – White Russian
3.Aeph – Leave Me Alone
4.Audio – I Found You
5.Current Value & Donny – Nightmare Man
6.Noisia – Meedoen
7.Billain – Total Darkness
8.Gein – Hell (Nanotek Bootleg)
9.Bes & Miditacia – Sylvana Crying
10.Misanthrop – Defection
11.Katharsys – Trainwreck
12.Billain – Phalando
13.Proktah – Apprentice (N.Phect Remix)
14.Cooh & Current Value – Reket
15.Audio – Delusional
16.Magi – Already Dead
17.Miditacia – NIIAR
18.Muffler – Cybertron (Audio Remix)
19.Katharsys – The Scraper
20.Dylan & Limewax – Cleansed By A Nightmare
21.Miss Redflower – CottonHill
22.Katharsys – Overactive
23.Zardonic & Joanna Syze – Rodina (Balkansky Remix)
24.Katharsys – The Chain

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