British Airways announces return to Pakistan after a decade

British Airways will resume flights to Pakistan next summer in a major vote of confidence from a Western airline a decade after suspending operations due to security fears.

On the Azov Sea, a Ukrainian port fears escalation with Russia

Children are helping adults to dig trenches in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol as local residents fear escalating tensions with Russia. On Sunday, Russia fired on and seized three Ukrainian ships. Kiev and its Western allies have since demanded that Moscow release the Ukrainian sailors.

Interpol announces S.Korea’s Kim as president over Russian rival

Interpol announces that Kim Jong-yang of South Korea has been chosen as its new president, beating a Russian official whose candidacy had unnerved Western nations.

Ukraine rebels elect leaders in defiance of West

Voters in rebel-held east Ukraine chose new leaders Sunday after Russia defied Western calls not to sabotage peace talks and Kiev urged fresh sanctions against the Kremlin.

Polls open as Ukraine separatists hold defiant elections

Polling stations open in rebel-held areas of eastern Ukraine and people cast their votes in Donetsk, as Kremlin-backed separatists choose their new leaders despite Western calls on Moscow not to sabotage peace talks. IMAGES