Coastal erosion in Togo threatens local population | AFP

Evey year in Togo, the sea nibbles more than 2 metres of coastline, and up to 10 metres in some parts of the coast. Coastal erosion affects all of West Africa and is distorting Togo’s landscape and driving out fishing communities.

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Nigerians disagree over legacy of a 19th century Fulani Muslim ruler | AFP

In Sokoto, an old city in northern Nigeria, Usmane Dan Fodio’s tomb attracts pilgrims from all over West Africa. For many Muslims, this scholarly and reformist Fulani is considered a saint. In 1808, he established the Caliphate of Sokoto, an Islamic state that extended from Burkina Faso to Cameroon.

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Fulani herders seek to tap into Nigeria’s booming meat market | AFP

With 200 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the largest meat consumer in West Africa. Every day, 50 trucks unload cows, goats and sheep at the main livestock market in Lagos, the country’s economic capital. This is an essential supply chain for food in Nigeria, where livestock is mainly raised by the Fulani spread over about ten West African countries.

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Son of Mali hostage Sophie Pétronin expects more from France

A week ago, Frenchman Sébastien Chadaud-Pétronin headed to the Sahel region in West Africa with the hope of obtaining his mother’s release. She was running a charity helping orphans when she was kidnapped by armed men in Gao, northern Mali, in December 2016. No group claimed responsibility for kidnapping until July 2017, when Al-Qaeda’s Mali branch released a video showing her. In a interview with AFPTV, he says the French state “isn’t doing enough.”

Benin’s Pendjari National Park comes back to life

In the north of Benin, elephants, lions and antelopes roam in peace across the savannah of the Pendjari National Park. The park — on the border with Burkina Faso and Niger — is the biggest in West Africa and it’s spearheading a new drive to boost tourism in Benin. A voiced AFPTV report.

Africa Weekly – a round up of news and features from Africa

This week on Africa Weekly, we travel to Zimbabwe where the ghosts of past massacres are surfacing for the country’s new president, we go to Benin to meet the rangers specially trained to protect West Africa’s biggest national park from poachers, and we meet Octopizzo, the hip-hop star using his success to break down stigma around the slum he grew up in. FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY

Soldiers killed in French airstrike were hostages – Malian president

In Mali, West Africa, the country’s president has confirmed Malian soldiers were killed in a French airstrike in October. France thought its operation was targeting forces that deserted to join an Islamist group. However, it is now believed those soldiers had been taken hostage by the jihadists.


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