We Obtained Video of the Dayton Shooter Fronting Two “Pornogrind” Bands

Authorities are still trying to understand why a 24-year-old would open fire on a crowded bar in Dayton’s nightlife district, killing his own sister, eight other people, and wounding 26.
Police do know he had expressed fascination with mass shootings, and had been seeking out information on how to commit one.
“Material reviewed thus far reveal the individual had a history of obsession with violent ideations to include mass shooting and had expressed desire to commit a mass shooting,” said Dayton Police Chief Richard Beihl.
A VICE News investigation revealed he was also a figure in the “pornogrind” and “goregrind” music scenes, performing vocals for bands including Menstrual Munchies and Putrid Liquid.
The extreme metal sub-genre has a significant following in the midwest and is known for sexually violent, death-obsessed lyrics and dehumanizing imagery depicting women.
VICE News interviewed one of his bandmates in Menstrual Munchies, as well as other figures in the scene who either knew the Betts or booked his bands in live venues. His former bandmate said he once brought a gun on tour and suggested to others they hold up gas stations, and made other in the scene uncomfortable by expressing desires to carry out in real life what the songs depict.

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