Building lives on knife steel: the London gym tackling crime

The stabbing deaths of two teenagers in the course of one weekend earlier this month have reignited the debate about knife-crime in the UK. In the year ending March 2018, fatal stabbings in England and Wales reached their highest level since records began more than 70 years ago, with almost 40% of all knife offences occurring in London. But an innovative project in London is trying to convert the destructive into something constructive – by taking seized and surrendered knives off London’s streets and melting them down to make outdoor fitness parks.

Sala’s childhood friends hope for Argentine’s survival

Childhood friends hold out hope for Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala, who has been missing since Monday after boarding a plane in France to head to Wales to link up with his new club Cardiff City in the Premier League.

New Banksy artwork brings crowds to Welsh town

A new Banksy artwork on the side of a car garage is bringing crowds to Welsh city Port Talbot. The work is Banksy’s first in Wales and is believed to be a comment on Port Talbot’s industrial heritage and pollution linked to its steel plant.

Polls show Wales reconsidering Brexit Leave vote

Two recent polls show that Wales, which voted to leave the EU in the 2016 Brexit referendum, would now vote to remain if a new vote were held. It’s a trend that’s being seen to some extent across the UK, but a change of heart is by no means a given.

Britain’s Prince Charles speaks Pidgin during Nigeria visit

He’s better known for speaking the Queen’s English but the Prince of Wales turns to Pidgin as he visits Nigeria’s commercial capital.

Giant parade held in French town for ‘Interceltic’ festival

Nearly 70,000 people attend the opening parade of the 48th Interceltic festival in Lorient. The event, which brings together all Celtic nations, this year celebrates Wales.

Who built Stonehenge? Cremation ashes yield clues

Research has shed new light on the enigmatic builders of the 5,000 year-old Stonehenge monument, suggesting they came from as far afield as Wales, many miles from the site itself.

England gear up for Six Nations Wales clash

England rugby team train ahead of Saturday’s Six Nations clash at Twickenham against Wales.

The United Kingdom and its flag

Britain and the European Union reached a historic deal on Brexit divorce terms on Friday. After a negotiation that has focused on issues in Northern Ireland, May faces further challenges in other devolved nations — Scotland and Wales — where support for the EU is far stronger than in England. Videographic about the Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom.VIDEOGRAPHIC