How To Make A Volvo Float

Mechanic Theon Parseghian creates cars that can conquer both land and water. While he’s not restoring classic cars, he develops amphibious vehicles. His first floating car was a classic Volvo. It only cost him $5,000 to make and can reach highway speeds on the road and 10 mph on the water. He also successfully created an amphibious houseboat and is working on making a floating car completely out of aluminum. The end goal is to make his water vehicles lightweight and very fast.

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Tokyo Motor Show puts the spotlight on electric vehicles

The Tokyo Motor Show opens for a media preview, before throwing its doors open to the public until November 5. The event will feature concept vehicles from top Japanese manufacturers, as well as fresh offerings from major European firms, such as Volkswagen, Peugeot-Citroen and Volvo.