Residents in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges fed up with floods

This December and January have been France’s wettest for 50 years, and the saturated ground in the Paris region means that even though the waters are now set to recede, the clean-up will be slow after the River Seine peaked at more than four metres above its normal level. Streets and neighbourhoods are submerged in the town of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, on the outskirts on Paris, with residents there losing patience.

As Seine rises, flooding continues near Paris

Lashed by downpours throughout January, much of France has been inundated with muddy water, which has seeped into homes and shops and halted trains on a busy commuter line that runs through Paris. The capital’s suburbs haven’t been spared either, with some residential streets in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges rendered inaccessible by the water. IMAGES