Artificial intelligence

Videographic on Artificial intelligence. US President Donald Trump on Monday ordered the US administration to give greater priority to artificial intelligence, a move seen as firing up a battle for leadership with China.VIDEOGRAPHICS

Video technology in football

Videographic on VAR. UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has warned that there will be no more excuses as Video Assistant Referees (VAR) make their debut in the Champions League starting this week.VIDEOGRAPHICS

Journey into space: a test for the human body

Videographic illustrating how space travel can affect the functioning of the human body over time.VIDEOGRAPHICS

Fighting forest fires

Videographic on wildfires. A large New Zealand wildfire is expected to burn for weeks longer but has moved away from some inhabited areas, firefighters said Monday.VIDEOGRAPHICS

The 5G revolution

Videographic explaining fifth generation mobile, or 5G wireless technology, that will bring near-instantaneous connectivity, vast data capacity and futuristic technologies. VIDEOGRAPHICS

Boko Haram

Videographic presenting the Boko Haram islamist insurgents in northern Nigeria. Nigeria’s government has said Boko Haram has been virtually defeated, despite persistent attacks against the military and civilians. The country holds presidential and legislative elections on February 16.VIDEOGRAPHICS


Videographic profile of Nigeria. Presidential and legislative elections take place in the country on February 16. VIDEOGRAPHICS

The importance of ice shelves

Videographic looking at the importance of ice shelves. The polar ice caps are shrinking as the climate warms, leading to rising sea levels. Scientists say meltwater flowing into the oceans from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets could boost extreme weather and destabilise regional climate within a matter of decades.VIDEOGRAPHICS


Videographic on the AIDS virus. US President Donald Trump used his State of the Union address on Tuesday to call for a bipartisan commitment to eradicate AIDS in the United States within a decade.VIDEOGRAPHICS


Videographic looking at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Macedonia signed accession papers with NATO on Wednesday, a key step on the way to joining the organisation. Macedonia will become the 30th member of the alliance once the agreement has been ratified by all the other capitals.VIDEOGRAPHICS