Venezuelans protest water shortage on Earth Day

People protest water shortage in Caracas showing dirty water and blaming President Nicolas Maduro’s government for it.

Venezuelans burn effigies in Easter ritual

In a traditional Easter Day ritual Venezuelans burn effigies representing President Nicolas Maduro, opposition leader Juan Guaido, Donald Trump and the blackout that recently plunged the country into darkness.

Venezuelans divided after Pompeo’s visit to Colombia border

Venezuelans in Colombia react following US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to the border.

Venezuelans divided as Guaido calls ‘everyone to the streets’

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido and his supporters throng the streets of Caracas to protest against President Nicolas Maduro’s government, as massive blackouts and the collapse of water supplies further exacerbated a growing political crisis. Meanwhile, thousands march toward the Miraflores presidential palace in a demonstration called by President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelans protest as power-struggle intensifies

Rival political factions are taking to the streets across Venezuela in a mounting struggle for control of the crisis-wracked nation. (April 6)

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Venezuelans struggle to communicate during blackout

Caracas residents desperately check their mobile phones looking for a connectivity area during the power outage, as a near-nationwide blackout is paralyzing Venezuela since Monday.

Venezuelans look for water amid new blackout

Venezuelans fill water containers from natural sources as the country is paralysed again by a nationwide blackout provoking water shortage, two weeks after a similar outage caused deaths and chaos in the country.

Venezuelans react to a new near-nationwide blackout

Caracas residents talk about the new near-nationwide blackout that knocked out public transport, water supplies and left buildings without generators plunged into gloom, sowing alarm two weeks after a nationwide outage that paralysed the country.