Tom Middleton – Wyv Auw Chu (Vandera Remix)

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Bubbling under Holland’s exquisite architecture, art and design is a drum & bass community that’s grown rapidly over the past decade exporting some of the genre’s biggest talents. The likes of Maduk, Noisia, Lenzman and Icicle have set the bar high inspiring a new generation of producers to reach up. ‘The Future Sound of Holland’ EP continues our worldwide series boasting six up and coming talents that have gained the Hospital stamp of approval.

The young and intriguing duo NCT have grown popular after a string of releases on YouTube turned record label phenomenon Liquicity, with a core following roaring from The Netherlands. They join our ‘Future Sound of’ squad with the piano-lead liquid wonder ‘Closure’ featuring Anna-Eva. Proxima flips the switch providing the squelching, snarling half-time track ‘Loose Lights’. He’s no stranger to Hospital with previous release ‘Point Of Focus’ included on Fred V & Grafix’s 2015 ‘Hospital Mixtape’. On a similar tip Posij offers up the fast-on-your-feet, techy, bass thumping track ‘Runner’. Also included are brand new tracks from T & Sugah, Arch Origin and a Vandera remix of Tom Middleton’s ‘WYV AUW CHU’.

Our annual Hospitality showcases at Amsterdam’s cultural club haven Paradiso are a night to look forward to with crowds growing stronger each year. From country to country, city to city our handpicked selections in ‘The Future Sound of’ series connects and celebrates the global reach of drum & bass and plethora of emerging talent that continues to power through.

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Skankandbass – Top 15 in 2015

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In no particular order, here are my favourite 15 tracks of the year:

00:00 Dimension – Whip Slap

It all started with a video on social media causing hype havoc. Undoubtably one of the biggest tracks in drum & bass this year – simple yet highly effective, this one’s been tearing down dance floors worldwide throughout the whole of 2015. Having taken himself to the top competing with some of the best producers in the scene, exciting prospects are in store for Dimension in 2016.

00:17 Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit

A tried and tested winning collab combination. This track was a few years in the making and it was worth it for that reese that kicks in after 48 bars alone. Possessing incredible production and impact, it’s no surprise ‘Dead Limit’ has received heavy rotation throughout Summer and the tail end of the year. It’s a tight one between this and ‘Whip Slap’ as track of the year!

00:35 DRS ft. Jubei – The Puppeteer

DRS is always there to deliver a strand out track. This time partnering up with Jubei, the collaboration has a perfect balance of rolling darkness and a vocal hook which is as catchy as always. One of my favourite tracks to hear dropped in the dance this year – bouncy!

00:48 Lynx – Clap Track

The man who gave us ‘Disco Dodo’ re-introduced the unique style with ‘Clap Track’ – designed for djing, this one’s an absolute hurter once deployed on innocent gurning ravers.

01:11 Xtrah – What Would You Do!?

Another example of simple yet effective – my love for this track is very strong – gunfinger inducer. Xtrah’s had a sensational year and is no doubt now considered one of the best producers in the scene.

01:44 Dawn Wall – Angel Field

Yes, we all want to know who Dawn Wall is/are, but I honestly hope we never find out! Two EP’s on Integral in the bag and a huge impact left within the drum & bass scene. Angel Field and Lose Face are my favourite from the EP’s, but Angel Field just tips it – I can’t wait to hear the debut LP in 2016.

Side note: I commissioned Dawn Wall’s remix for Nero – Into The Night, does that mean I know who they are? Ooooof.

02:17 Break & DLR – Human Error

One word for this one – ‘mixdown’ – jesus fucking christ. I dropped this at The Nest when I was warming up before Spor’s set earlier this year and rest assured, the dance floor turned in to a zoo. So many tracks you could pick from these two producers separately.

02:50 SCAR – Caged

SCAR aka Survival & Script have been churning out some huge rollers on Headz in the last two years. ‘Caged’ is certainly the stand out track which turned heads within the scene. I dropped this in room 2 fabric recently and the system had a bit of a work out. Gunfingers were raised.

03:14 Hive – Repentance

It’s always good to hear new music from Hive and ‘Repentance’ definitely delivered. I love the delay in drop and progression of the track which makes for a wicked listen and journey when experienced on a dancefloor.

03:36 SpectraSoul – Always

SpectraSoul delivered us a sensational and versatile album via Shogun Audio this year – ‘Always’ is definitely my pick of the bunch. Vibe-o-meter hitting a solid 10, I haven’t heard a track like it in a while – very cinematic. Good work chaps.

04:07 LSB – Walking Blues

LSB is one of the best liquid producers hands down. Output has been incredibly strong for Luke in 2016, including ‘The View’ with DRS and Tyler Daley, but ‘Walking Blues’ on his Soul:R EP definitely takes the biscuit for me. INCREDIBLE.

04:31 Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (Vandera Remix)

This one surfaced at the start of the year and I’ve been playing it on repeat ever since. Being a big fan of the original, Vandera has done it justice with effortless execution.

05:04 Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler (Teknian & Zero Zero ft. JFB Remix)

Quite a late addition to the year. Having been a massive fan of the original in my youth, seeing this track title alone got me excited and I’m happy that Teknian & Zero Zero did the original justice with a headsy approach. The intro is a perfect tease in mixes and the drop is very unexpected, yet satisfying! Free download vibes.

05:38 Ivy Lab – Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix)

I don’t really need to say much about this one. Absolutely stupid mixdown – with that build up you’re expecting a two step drum pattern, but the half time element and piercing bass create that ‘shock’ element which really turns the dance in to a frenzy.

06:00 Bensley – Next Generation

Bensley came out of no where to drop an LP via Ram Records. Although I’m not massively in to the LP as a whole and I think his production can improve, this track has undeniable musicality which is extremely difficult to dislike. I’m excited to see what this guy’s got lined up in 2016.