Moments of snowy joy in half-shutdown Washington

Families and friends flock to a slope by the US Capitol building as the first major snowfall of the year descends on Washington, DC with the US capital still hit by a long and bitter government shutdown.

Protests and closures across the US amid shutdown

(11 Jan 2019) Protests in North Carolina and closure of an airport terminal in Florida marked day 21 of the federal government shutdown. (Jan. 11)

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Residents along US southern border react to Trump’s wall

People living along the US-Mexico border in McAllen, Texas, react to Donald Trump’s controversial border wall, as the US president visits the area hoping to drum up support for his project.

US: Officers patrol the border with Mexico

Border officials in the US, patrol a border fence in McAllen, Texas, after Donald Trump’s visit there to defend his wall project, a source of intense conflict with the Democrats. IMAGES

Interest rates

Videographic explaining the role of interest rates in economies around the world and their effect on ordinary people. US central bankers “can afford to be patient” before raising interest rates again, given low inflation and uncertainty about the economic outlook, the US Federal Open Market Committee has said.VIDEOGRAPHICS


Videographic on DNA. Police in the US have asked football star Cristiano Ronaldo to submit a DNA sample as part of their investigation into an accusation of rape made against him.VIDEOGRAPHIC