US, Asian military forces hold annual ‘Cobra Gold’ exercise

The US and Thailand hold the annual joint ‘Cobra Gold’, the largest US-led military exercises in Asia involving gruelling drills in the Thai jungle, war games, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise. This year’s 11-day exercise is the 38th edition which sees 4500 U.S. personnel participate directly in the exercise.

Suicide attack targeting US-led coalition in Syria kills 15

A suicide attack targeting US-led coalition forces in the flashpoint northern Syrian city of Manbij killed a US serviceman and 14 other people, a monitor said.

Syria’s Kurds want foreign jihadists to be repatriated

Kurdish forces who have been fighting IS in Syria with backing from the US-led coalition say they hold around 900 of the organisation’s foreign jihadists from 44 countries. But say they will not try them and have urged their home countries to repatriate them.

Macron counters Trump’s Iran stance at the UN

French President Emmanuel Macron calls for “dialogue and multilateralism” on Iran, in a thinly veiled response to President Donald Trump’s push for tough, US-led sanctions. Trump has withdrawn from the seven-nation agreement negotiated under his successor Barack Obama, calling it a “disaster” and instead ramping up pressure on Iran including through renewed sanctions.

Afghan conflict could be deadlier than Syria in 2018: analyst

The Afghan conflict could overtake Syria as the deadliest conflict in the world, analysts say, as violence surges 17 years after the US-led invasion.

Iraqi resort a macabre emblem of war and state decay

In the 1980s, Iraq’s Lake Habbaniyah was a tourist hotspot, popular with wealthy newlyweds and so luxurious it was even a haunt of dictator Saddam Hussein and his fearsome entourage. But like much of Iraq, this oasis — located between Fallujah and Ramadi — has fallen into disrepair since the US-led military coalition toppled Saddam 15 years ago.