Big waves amid Dorian storm surge warnings

Big waves were seen on US East Coast beaches as Hurricane Dorian drew near. The National Weather Service said a storm surge warning was in effect from Sebastian Inlet, Florida to Surf City, North Carolina on Wednesday morning. (Sept. 4)

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Carolinas preparing for Hurricane Florence

(12 Sep 2018) Hurricane Florence is making its way to the US East Coast. It was a potentially catastrophic Category 4 storm but was expected to keep drawing energy from the warm water and intensify to near Category 5, which means winds of 157 mph or higher. (Sept. 12)

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Over a million told to flee as Hurricane Florence stalks US East

Powerful Hurricane Florence tracks towards the US East Coast, prompting authorities to order upwards of one million people to evacuate the path of the extremely dangerous storm forecasters say could soon intensify, as US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration continues sending aircrafts on survey missions into the powerful Category 4 hurricane.

Winter not letting go! Snow storm Stella hits US East Coast

Powerful blizzard Stella hits the northeast US. The US National Weather Service issued blizzard warnings for parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont for Tuesday. It was also predicted that from 3 to 7 inches (8-18 centimeters) of snow would accumulate by Tuesday morning, followed by another 10 to 14 inches (25-36 centimeters) during the day. A state of emergency has been declared for New York, with all public schools closed and aboveground subway service suspended. READ MORE:


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Noisia Invites #6 De Oosterpoort Groningen 29-04-2013 Promo

This Monday April 29th Noisia Invites Foreign Beggars, Calyx & Teebee, Neosignal, Evol Intent, Kasra, Posij, June Miller, Freaknc, Jay-P and Former to De Oosterpoort, Groningen. Tickets:

Music: Posij – Close Call (Division)

UKF Live will be streaming here:
(Dutch time, GMT+1)
23:00-00:00 Jay-P
00:00-01:00 Neosignal
01:00-02:00 Foreign Beggars
02:00-03:00 Noisia
03:00-04:00 Calyx & Teebee
04:00-05:00 Evol Intent

FYI the stream starts at 22:00 on UK time, 17:00 for US East Coast, 14:00 for US West Coast and 07:00 for Australia EST.

Aftermovie Noisia Invites March 29th:

We’ll be giving away another song ‘The Upbeats & Noisia – Loudmouth’ during the stream to celebrate the release of The Upbeats’ album on our label Vision Recordings that day. If you haven’t downloaded our collab with The Upbeats ‘Clamber’ yet, please do so here:

Promo Video realised by:
Rutger Prins
Eva Lenis
Roeland Dijksterhuis

Noisia Invites: