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Rally against Trump’s visit to the UK (Livestream record)

A protest against the three-day visit of US President Donald Trump to the United Kingdom is taking place in London.

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British Olympians inspire a surge of interest in curling at home

The performances of British curlers at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games inspire a surge of interest in curling in the United Kingdom.

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Cannabis Connecting the Troubled in Northern Ireland | Cannabis News Network

Clark French, the founder of the United Patients Alliance, traveled to Belfast for the first ever held Medical Cannabis Summit in Northern Ireland. A landmark occasion!

His exclusive report for Cannabis News Network shows that cannabis can bring people together in a conflict area.

The conflict in Northern Ireland during the late 20th century is known as the Troubles. Over 3,600 people were killed and thousands more injured.

Over the course of three decades, violence on the streets of Northern Ireland was commonplace.

In 1998 The Good Friday Agreement restored the self-government to Northern Ireland and brought an end to the Troubles.

Clark heard a lot about how cannabis is healing some of the division here and was really interested to find out how cannabis is helping to bring these 2 historically divided communities together.

Like the story of Neil Paine, a former British soldier serving in Northern Ireland in the past. He is using cannabis for his trauma and pains. He is now at ease amongst fellow cannabis patients.
Patient stories and seeing cannabis help people in need runs deep in Northern Ireland.

There is no doubt that people from both communities are seeing the benefits to their friends and family from consuming cannabis.

About Clark French

Clark French is founder and director of the United Patients Alliance, a support and campaigning community for medical cannabis patients in the United Kingdom. Clark was 24 years old when he received his diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2010. Intense pain, spasms, inability to walk or talk, Clark found his medicine, cannabis.

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YouTuber Becomes First In U.K. To Win Civil Damages In Revenge Porn Case (HBO)

American YouTube star Chrissy Chambers has made legal history in the United Kingdom by becoming the first victim of revenge pornography ever to win civil damages in a public settlement.

“To every victim of this insidious kind of attack, I am here to say: You can fight back and win. You will heal and move on – and you will not have to take those steps alone,” Chambers said in a public statement outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Chambers and her partner, Bria Kam, are two of the most popular lesbian content creators on YouTube. Their channels have close to one million subscribers.

Before coming out, Chambers had a British boyfriend who recorded videos of him having sex with her without her knowledge or consent. He posted them online years after they broke up.

Chambers and Kam waged a very public battle against revenge pornography, documented on their YouTube channel. The landmark victory comes after years of legal struggles on both sides of the Atlantic. Chambers spoke exclusively to VICE News about her story​

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India launches 100th satellite into space

India’s space agency ISRO successfully launches a rocket carrying its 100th satellite along with dozens of others from six countries, including France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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The United Kingdom and its flag

Britain and the European Union reached a historic deal on Brexit divorce terms on Friday. After a negotiation that has focused on issues in Northern Ireland, May faces further challenges in other devolved nations — Scotland and Wales — where support for the EU is far stronger than in England. Videographic about the Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom.VIDEOGRAPHIC

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N. Ireland Brexit solution ‘cannot create new border’: Davis

Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator David Davis says any deal with the European Union cannot create a new border inside the United Kingdom. SOUNDBITE

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Ophelia winds battle Wales, England and Ireland

Strong winds batter England, Wales in the United Kingdom, as nearby Ireland is hit by an “unprecedented storm” that left at least three people dead, more than 300,000 customers without power and shut down schools and government offices.