Mistabishi – From Memory (Matrix Remix) OFFICIAL VIDEO

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Hospitals rogue trader Mistabishi continues to deliver drum+bass of the wildest kind, this time with a remix from the don Matrix. The virus stalwart has taken Mistabishis vocal reminiscing and re-written the tune in his own mould. Soaring synths and the very tightest dancefloor beats are present and correct, and the euphoria of the main floor at Hospitality is captured on twelve inches of fine Hospital wax. Check out this amazing part animated / part live action video now…

Full Release in shops 26th Oct 2009

Video written&directed by Unit10Collective.com
Shot&Edited by David Altweger, Mira Loew, Chris Zinner
Animations by Guillaume Cornet
Additional animations by David Altweger
Illustrations by Alex&Guillaume Cornet, Gautier D´Huy, David Altweger
Carpenters: Aurora Marion, Rene LaChatte

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