Bush Training for a Unified Ireland (Excerpt from ‘Ireland’s Young Warriors’)

Earlier this year, VICE News filmed with a republican youth movement in Ireland called Na Fianna Éireann (“Warriors of Ireland” in English), a small group of around 30 boys considered to be hardline dissidents. They support a violent IRA splinter group known as the Continuity IRA, and believe that a renewed armed struggle is needed to free Ireland from British occupation in the North.

Considered “junior terrorists” by some, the Na Fianna sees itself simply as Ireland’s true republican boy scouts, training with the main aim of being ready for a new resistance — a fight that they believe is inevitable.

In this excerpt, members of Na Fianna Éireann commence their “bush training,” which consists of drills that have the boys sneaking through the forest with fake assault rifles. It’s hardly an IRA training camp, but they say they’re doing this to ready themselves for a new campaign of violence that they believe will “liberate” Northern Ireland from “British occupation.”

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