Risk of famine in Yemen

Videographic showing areas of Yemen threatened with famine. Yemen’s flashpoint city of Hodeida was calm on Tuesday following heavy clashes that erupted after a UN-brokered ceasefire began. Impoverished Yemen has been mired in fighting between the Huthi rebels and troops loyal to President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi since 2014.VIDEOGRAPHICS

Rival sides in Yemen’s war shake hands after agreeing ceasefire

Rival sides in Yemen’s civil war, the country’s foreign minister Khaled al Yamani and rebel negotiator Mohammed Abdelsalam shake hands after agreeing a ceasefire for a vital port on the seventh day of the UN-brokered peace talks in Sweden. IMAGES

UN resumes peace talks with Syrian government delegation

UN mediator Staffan de Mistura resumes peace talks with the Syrian government delegation in Geneva. The government delegation is scheduled to stay until December 15, when the eighth round of the faltering UN-brokered talks is due to wrap up. IMAGES

Deputy UN envoy for Syria visits Damascus ahead of Geneva talks

Deputy UN special envoy for Syria Ramzi Ezzedine Ramzi was in Damascus on Saturday, saying he hoped next week’s UN-brokered peace talks in Geneva will be marked with “an active participation from the government and with the presence of a unified delegation from the opposition.”

VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – September 29, 2014

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The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Occupy Central movement launches civil disobedience campaign in Hong Kong, residents in the Yemeni capital call for Houthi rebel supporters to leave, police investigate allegations of abuse at asylum center in western Germany, and Cuba’s government stops plans to develop perfumes that honor revered leaders.

Occupy Central Launches Civil Disobedience Campaign
Police and protesters clashed across the city over the weekend.

Hundreds Rally for Houthi Departure from Capital
Under a UN-brokered agreement, the Shia rebels vowed to disarm and withdraw from the areas they seized over recent months.

Allegations of Abuse at Asylum Center
Police removed the security guards from the facility in Burbach after refugees supported the initial claims.

Government Scraps Plan to Develop Honorary Perfumes
Employees at a state pharmaceutical company are in hot water after they unveiled scents called ‘Ernesto’ and ‘Hugo’ on Thursday.

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