Building lives on knife steel: the London gym tackling crime

The stabbing deaths of two teenagers in the course of one weekend earlier this month have reignited the debate about knife-crime in the UK. In the year ending March 2018, fatal stabbings in England and Wales reached their highest level since records began more than 70 years ago, with almost 40% of all knife offences occurring in London. But an innovative project in London is trying to convert the destructive into something constructive – by taking seized and surrendered knives off London’s streets and melting them down to make outdoor fitness parks.

Kings Of The Rollers – You Got Me

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Leaders of the new generation and purveyors of dancefloor chaos Serum, Voltage and Bladerunner return to the frontline of drum & bass with their debut, self-titled album ‘Kings Of The Rollers’. Whilst each has their own high-grade production style, these three royals have managed to create a sum greater than their parts, as they steamroll through all the rules to deliver an absolute bruiser of an LP.

Across seventeen tracks expect up-front rollers, techy 2-step beats and pure knockout D+B bangers, complemented with slick jazzy numbers and a wide variety of vocal-lead tracks. It’s safe to say they’ve lived up to the hype with their most dynamic and diverse release to date.

Amongst the carnage highlights include ‘You Got Me’. A towering tear-out beast ladened with thrashing amens and a thundering bassline that’s ready to push every speaker to it’s limits. Low frequency growler ‘Shella’ is peppered with steppy jungle nuances, with Mancunian dance music innovator Chimpo featuring on both production and vocals for an all-round roughneck sheller. ‘Round Here’ is a brazen jungle prowler with Bristolian lyricist Redders at the helm for a future classic anthem.

Whilst being predominantly known for their heavyweight productions and outrageous D+B screamers, the new album also showcases a variety of different flavours. Jungle roller ‘On The Run’ features the smooth spoken word of Queen Rose and ‘Tisno’ brings a warm steppy swing, inspired by their time spent at the very first Hospitality On The Beach.

Hospital’s three kings have set the scene on fire with their electrifying DJ sets and headline festival performances. Their new ‘Royal Rumble‘ tour takes them all over the UK in 2019 with shows in London, Bristol, Brighton, Manchester and beyond.

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Londoners react to MPs vote to seek Brexit delay

The vote by British MPs to seek a delay to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is met with mixed feelings in the streets of London, with some saying “democracy does not exist.”

AP Top Stories March 14 P

Here’s the latest for Thursday, March 14th: US Senate rejects Trump’s national emergency; Former Texas Congressman, Beto O’Rourke, announces his 2020 bid for the White House; UK Parliament votes to ask EU to delay Brexit; A scientific mission retrieves underwater drone from depths of Indian Ocean.

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People in Stoke-on-Trent, UK react to Brexit deal vote

Residents of Stoke-on-Trent in central England react to the recent House of Commons vote to reject a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, as the March 29 divorce date approaches.

Dubliners blast UK MPs after May’s Brexit deal rejected again

Dublin residents say UK politicians have “let down” the British public and accuse them of being consumed by “internal squabbles” after lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected Theresa May’s draft divorce agreement for a second time.

Londoners divided over Brexit next-steps

Londoners, like British MPs, are divided on what course the country should take in its bid to leave the European Union, with some calling for a new referendum and others saying the UK should leave with no deal.