Thousands flee Syrian city of Afrin as Turkish attack continues

A Turkish-led offensive to capture the Kurdish-majority enclave of Afrin in northern Syria has forced 30,000 civilians from its main city in just 24 hours, a monitor says.

As Turkey draws near, Syria’s Afrin braces for siege

With Turkish-led forces nearly surrounding Syria’s Afrin city, some panicked residents are attempting to flee, others are stocking food fearing a siege, and Kurdish fighters are digging in for a tough fight.

Turkish-backed Syrian fighters continue offensive in Afrin

Turkish-backed Syrian opposition fighters are seen in the village of Jamanli, northeast of the Syrian city of Afrin. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says Turkish-led forces control more than 20 percent of the enclave after seizing the area of Rajo in the northwest of Afrin on Saturday. They also seized a strategic mountain in the northeast of the enclave, a military official from the Turkish-led operation said.