DARPA Subterranean (SubT) Challenge Tunnel Circuit Teaser

The DARPA Subterranean Challenge is headed to Pittsburgh for the Tunnel Circuit, the first scored challenge event, August 15-22, 2019! Qualified teams will attempt to navigate a former operational mine.

As part of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Mining Program, testing in the research mine contributes to advances in mining industry practices. In August, the mine will serve as the arena for the SubT Challenge as teams compete to accurately map, identify, and report the greatest number of artifacts along the mine passages.

Learn more about the SubT Challenge at https://www.darpa.mil/program/darpa-subterranean-challenge.

SubT Integration Exercise Helps SubT Challenge Competitors Prepare for Tunnel Circuit

Nine teams hailing from four continents gathered in Idaho Springs, Colorado, the week of April 5-11, 2019, to test autonomous air and ground systems for navigating the dark, dangerous, dirty, and unpredictable underground domain. The SubT Integration Exercise, known as STIX, took place at the Colorado School of Mines’ Edgar Experimental Mine. The event provided a shakeout opportunity for competitors in advance of the Tunnel Circuit in August, the first of three subdomains that teams will tackle in DARPA’s Subterranean Challenge.