‘Mudlarks’ unearth the past on London’s riverbanks | AFP

Treading her way along the muddy banks of the River Thames, Lara Maiklem picks out a Tudor clothes pin which she wipes and adds to a row of others puncturing her coat pocket. She treasures these handcrafted metal pins dating back hundreds of years and other discoveries from the shore for the insight they give into those who walked before her.

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Fred V & Grafix – One Of A Kind (feat. Tudor)

Buy & Stream Here: https://fredvgrafix.lnk.to/Oxygenyb

Fred V & Grafix bring a breath of fresh air with their long-awaited second album ‘Oxygen’. The 15-track venture strips away any uniformity, opening up into dreamy, synthesized waves of drum & bass, elements of elegant electro-pop, down-tempo beats, unsuspecting instrumentation and everything in between.

Their progression is clear from the off, the gorgeous ‘Ignite’ details infectious guitar and heartfelt harmonies from Fred V himself and their newest top-line finding, Amy J Pryce. She also appears on vocal led tracks ‘Altitude’ and ‘Electrify’ that push the pair even further into songwriter territory. They’ve spent months working with close friend Tudor Davies – whose vocal leads on romantic slow-mover ‘One Of A Kind’ – to create expressive, honest lyrics and enticing melodies throughout the LP.

Fred V & Grafix’s soundtrack style stands up tall in ‘Nearly There’ and ‘Our Story’ adding a surprise collaboration with Bloc Party front-man Kele to the mix. Both tracks encapsulate the epic, ‘hands in the air’ euphoria that Fred V & Grafix deliver to devoted crowds worldwide. Their drum & bass dancefloor roots remain strong with tracks ‘Stay Here’ and ‘Together We’re Lost’ picking up the pace.

In the debut album ‘Recognise’ we got a taste for their skills as live musicians. In take two we get even more from Grafix guitars, to drums, keys and Fred V’s own vocals, every element is faultlessly infused with title track ‘Oxygen’ as the perfect example.

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Hospital Podcast 225 with London Elektricity

London Elektricity presents the Hospital Records podcast featuring new music from Fred V & Grafix, S.P.Y and Reso as well as the usual wide selection of drum & bass music from across the scene.

Fred V & Grafix feat. Tudor ‘Shine’
Fred V & Grafix feat. Etherwood ‘Forest Fires’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Hydra’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Maverick Souls’
Electrosoulsystem ‘Flawless’
S.P.Y feat. Diane Charlemagne ‘Dusty Fingers’
Logistics ‘Together’
S.P.Y feat. Total Science and Grimm ‘Cold Harsh Air’
2nd City ‘I wanna feel (Brookes Brothers remix)’
Knarestand ‘My Escape (Nymfo remix)’
Reso ‘Devastator’
Kije ‘Coming For You’
Loadstar ‘Stepped Outside’
Maldini ‘Icarus’
Reso ‘Break ‘Em’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Recognise’
S.P.Y feat. Diane Charlemagne ‘Back to basics’
Royalston ‘Kronos’
Frederic Robinson ‘Vamp Til Ready’

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Fred V & Grafix – Shine (feat Tudor)

iTunes: http://hospi.tl/recognisealbumitunes
Hospital Shop: http://hospi.tl/recognisealbum

Pursuing a rapid ascension to D&B’s top table since signing to Hospital, Fred V & Grafix have quickly become one of the most talked about acts in the scene. Having remixed top 10 hits for Rudimental and Subfocus, and released a string of singles and tracks on Hospital, they now present their debut long player. An ambitious and consummate development of the sound they have become know for, built on a solid foundation of D&B beats. The album combines their love for live music, weighty sub bass and creative collaborations with newschool vocalists and producers.

With prodigious song-writing, epic musicality and dancefloor sensibility, “Recognise” eschews the predictable structure of todays identikit D&B. Simultaneously intellectual and effortless, it’s a breath of fresh air that builds on the success of Fred V & Grafix previous releases and includes “Major Happy” and “We Are 18” favourite “Catch My Breath”.

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Nu:Logic – What I’ve Always Waited For – Official Video

Available now as part of Fast Soul Music – Shop: http://hospi.tl/fsm17 / iTunes: http://hospi.tl/fsm37 / Google Play: http://hospi.tl/fsm56

Hospital Shop – https://www.hospitalrecords.com/shop/release/nulogic/nhs231-what-i39ve-always-waited-for/#tracks-NHS231DDS
iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/what-ive-always-waited-for/id608308916?uo=4&at=11l9mP

Nu:Logic – What I’ve Always Waited For

This is the eleventh in a series of videos from the Nu:Logic album “What I’ve Always Waited For”, which is due for release on Hospital Records on March 25th. Working with director Nez Savaşkan we wanted to create visual accompaniments for each of Nu:Logic’s tunes which captured the vibe and feeling of each track. This resulted in a series of fourteen simple vignettes not conforming to the standard conventions you might expect from a promo video.

It’s important to remember these are video edits… If you want the full Nu:Logic audio experience make sure you pre-order your copy of the new album now, here
https://www.hospitalrecords.com/shop/release/nulogic/nhs231-what-i39ve-always-waited-for and stay up to date with all videos by subscribing the Hospital YouTube channel.

Director/Camera/Editor – Nezih Savaşkan ( http://www.videosoul.co.uk/ )
VFX – Tudor @ Yoke Creative

Starring – Scarlette O’Harlette

Nu:Logic is a collaborative partnership between Hospital stalwarts Nu:Tone and Logistics. Individually, the Gresham brothers have released a total of seven long players already on Hospital, each to great critical acclaim. The sum of their combined powers is oozing with the kind of soulful drum + bass, which is the foundation of the Hospital label and will satisfy long term fans who hanker after the golden days of the genre.

Having brought us the Nu:Logic “New Technique” EP in 2010 and the recently released follow up single “Morning Light / Grizzly”, the duo now bring us their highly anticipated debut album “What I’ve Always Waited For”.

Opening with the calm, mellow soothing sounds of “Morning Light” we are taken through a variety of styles across the 14-track album. Vocal-driven cuts are peppered throughout the album and there’s some top collaborations in there, including “Everlasting Days (ft. Lifford)” with its warm, uplifting vibe, the growling spoken swagger of “We Live There (ft. DRS)” and the blissed out “Shoot Me Down (ft. Robert Manos)”.

Elsewhere, don’t miss out on the excellent “Start Again (ft. S.P.Y)” with the raw, bass heavy menacing tones, as well as the meditative title track “What I’ve Always Waited For” which is all whirring atmospherics and pattering drums. Two interludes “Escape Pod” and “Dusk” successfully segment the album into thirds. With so many musical gems to choose from, one thing is for sure – this has been worth waiting for.