Trump Didn’t Save These 700 Coal Jobs (HBO)

President Trump has announced that the Unites States would pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. One of the motivations behind this decision was the potential to keep a major campaign promise: bringing jobs back to coal country. But the demand for coal is already drying up. Paris may be out, but so is coal.

Despite President Trump’s plan to revive the coal industry, 255 coal plants have closed or have announced their closure since 2010. Two of these plants are in the Trump strong hold of Adams County, Ohio, where the J.M. Stuart Station and the Killen Station are scheduled to close next year.

These plants are responsible for some 700 jobs in the small community of 28,000 people. While that may not seem like much, 700 jobs translates to about $35 million in salaries and $9 million in property taxes, or roughly $50 million of the county’s economy.

Local leaders are trying to figure out how to prevent decades of economic instability and recovery after the plants are shut down.

This segment originally aired June 1, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

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