Is US humanitarian aid a ‘Trojan horse for invasion’ in Venezuela?

Venezuela currently suffers food and medicine shortages – exacerbated by an economic blockade and sweeping US sanctions. The opposition and the government in Venezuela are currently wrangling over US aid. Guaido claims he’s been able to get some deliveries into the country – though president Nicolas Maduro has blocked some saying the convoys are cover for a US invasion.


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VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – August 27, 2014

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Islamic State Destroys Marijuana Fields in Aleppo
Militants posted a video after seizing towns and villages in the northern province.

Dutch Killer Goes on Hunger Strike After Transfer
Joran van der Sloot was moved to a maximum-security prison for reportedly threatening a warden after a mobile phone was confiscated from his cell.

Protesters Undeterred by Supreme Court Order to Clear Streets
They say they won’t leave the area outside parliament until their leaders say so.

City Councillor Uses Inflatable to Criticize Opponent
The man hauled a giant Trojan horse into a legislative council meeting in Taipei.
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