Blackout Podcast 48 – Agressor Bunx [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around. This edition is mixed by Agressor Bunx! One of the 4 artists of the first volume of our new Evolution Series!

Download Link:

1. Agressor Bunx – Trice [Ram Records]
2. Zombie Cats & L33 – Zombots [Bad Taste DUB]
3. Audio – Napalm [Ram Records]
4. Current Value – Rocket Science [Blackout]
5. Mindscape – Head Shinker [Eatbrain DUB]
6. ID – ID
7. Phace & Mefjus – Bang Bang [Critical]
8. Agressor Bunx – Quash [Eatbrain DUB]
9. Disprove – Frqncs [Eatbrain DUB]
10. ID – ID
11. Dimension – Machinen [MTA Records]
12. Brain Crisis – Camatcho [Subtitles]
13. ID – ID
14. Jade & State Of Mind – Respirator [Eatbrain DUB]
15. Agressor Bunx – Club Shake [Ignescent DUB]
16. Chase & Status and Sub Focus ft. Takura – Flashing Lights (S.P.Y Remix) [Ram Records]
17. Noisia & Hybris – Crystalline [Invisible]
18. ID – ID
19. QO – Evil Dead (A-Cray Remix) [Eatbrain DUB]
20. Agressor Bunx – Infinity [Blackout DUB]
21. Agressor Bunx – Crusader [Bad Taste DUB]
22. ID – ID
23. Break feat. Kyo – Simpler Times [Symmetry]
24. Lenzman Feat. Martuna Baker – Paper Faces (Ivy Lab Remix) [Metalheadz]
25. Optiv & BTK – Gamma Rays [Eatbrain DUB]
26. Rene LaVice – Air Force [Ram Records]
27. Agressor Bunx – Total Destroy [Bad Taste DUB]
28. ID -ID
29. S.P.Y – Riding The Void [Hospital]
30. Rawtekk – No More Vaccine (Mefjus Remix) [Medschool]
31. Agressor Bunx – Terror Force [Santoku]
32. Dom & Rolland – Outta Endz VIP [Metalheadz]
33. ID – ID
34. Agressor Bunx – Deadwalking [Ignescent DUB]
35. Agressor Bunx – Tommy Gun [Blackout]
36. ID – ID

Agressor Bunx

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Agressor Bunx – Trice (RAMsterdam 2015)

RAM’s Drum & Bass Annual 2016 – watch/listen here!
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With ADE looming on the horizon, it only seemed apt for Ram to yet again provide the perfect drum and bass entrée for Europe’s premium dance event. Set to bring another stellar line up from their roster, this compilation packed full of exclusives helps to epitomise the imprint’s legacy within dance music. Including brand new cuts, demonstrating the Ram’s longevity, this album plays homage to two decades of output.

Leading you deeper into the dark side of 2015, this year’s Ramsterdam compilation not only pedestals the artists who’ve made such a titanic impact throughout the last ten months, but also the emerging talent from sister label Program and Ram’s newest signees. Whether it’s the old school, growling riddim from Aggressor Bunx, or Calyx & TeeBee’s tell-tale, trembling bassline, each track gives the album a unique vantage point.

Featuring on the collosal track listing is Delta Heavy; an exclusive which relays their elevating, pumping composition, it’s a dancefloor banger sure to detonate any crowd. And Frankee also makes a welcomed return, following the release of his anticipated single ‘Downtown’. ‘Raptor’ is unforgiving, snapped up by different animalistic samples and stridently aggressive – pedestalling Frankee’s unforgiving production standards.

On a totally different vibe, Freek is back with ‘Born Different’, a clanking yet powerful number, one which gears up into LFO-lead chaos with snapping percussion between each break. Brand new music from production outfits Teddy Killerz and Mind Vortex also make a very valuable addition, proving their unbridled talent, with merciless yet complex records that are fierce and gagging to be let loose on Amsterdam’s clubs.

Two of this year’s most resounding tracks from the Ram camp, Bensley’s ‘Aftermath’ and Gerra & Stone’s ‘L.I.E.S.’ have also received revamps, providing two anticipated VIPs already igniting sets worldwide. Loadstar also deliver the goods; brand new heavy-hitter ‘Dune’ demonstrates exactly why they’ve become such revered names across the genre.

So, here’s to another Amsterdam Dance Event. One with a soundtrack provided by one of the most enduring labels, and stellar rosters, that dance music has played host to. And with Ram also holding a night this October, from first listen onwards prepare to be immerse yourself in Ram’s vast musical environment.

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Noisia Radio S01E12

For the first time in a while we’re all in the studio for Noisia Radio! Ram Records sent us a brand new track by Audio to premiere, we’re playing a Nero track to celebrate their album release today, and we’ve got some fresh new releases for you!

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Audio – 2 Stroke [RAM RECORDS]
Herzeloyde – Spam [FREE]
Sunchase & I Wannabe – Slice [22:22]
DJ Hazard – Digital Bumblebees [Playaz]
Sam Binga & Hyroglyfics – Dark Day [Critical]
I Am Legion – Warp Speed Thuggin’ [Division]
Nero – Satisfy [MTA]
Cursa – Egg Cup [PLASMA AUDIO]
Dub Elements – POW [EATBRAIN]
Noisia & Evol Intent – The Liquid [VISION]
Losco – Hold Up [FREE]
Agressor Bunx – Trice [RAM RECORDS]
Sofie Letitre – Perfect Mistake (Zes Remix) [DIVISION]
DJ Fresh – Heavyweight [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
mantra hop idee.mp3
Noisia RAW Synth Demosong ‘Exiled’.mp3
Machine Code & CZA – Something [C4C]
Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Parlophone)