Fighting For Drug Peace Across The Globe, Cannabis University 2018

An International debate about the future of cannabis.
Jules Stobbs, Myrtle Clark (The Dagga Couple), Dana Larsen (Canadian activist, politician, writer) Ben Wise (Filmmaker), Ben Dronkers (founder Sensi Seeds), Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli (FAAAT)

Jules Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke
…better known as The Dagga Couple, have been fighting for the legalization of cannabis in South Africa since 2010. Through the courts they hope to enforce the lifting of the ban. In 2017 their long-awaited trial against the state, ‘The Trial of the Plant’, took place, with a leading role for the English professor David Nutt. With their organizations Fields of Green for All and Join the Queue, they stand up for compatriots who are being persecuted for cannabis.
Jules Stobbs en Myrtle Clarke, beter bekend als The Dagga Couple, strijden sinds 2010 voor legalisering van cannabis in Zuid Afrika. Via de rechter hopen ze opheffing van het verbod af te dwingen. In 2017 vond hun langverwachte proces tegen de staat, ‘The Trial of the Plant’, plaats, met een hoofdrol voor de Engelse professor David Nutt. Met hun organisaties Fields of Green for All en Join the Queue komen ze op voor landgenoten die wegens cannabis worden vervolgd.

Dana Larsen (Canada)
Dana is one of Canada’s best known cannabis activists, the country that legalizes recreational cannabis on a national level this summer. He wrote for years for Cannabis Culture, the magazine of Marc Emery, and was co-founder of the Marijuana Party of Canada, the BC Marijuana Party and the Vancouver Seed Bank. Larsen wrote several books about the plant, including ‘Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone’ and ‘The Pot Puzzle Fun Book’ and gave away millions of cannabis seeds for free. He founded the Vancouver Dispensary Society and leads Sensible BC, the largest Canadian grassroots organization for the legalization of cannabis.
Dana Larsen is een van de bekendste cannabis activisten van Canada, het land dat deze zomer recreatieve cannabis op landelijk niveau legaliseert. Hij schreef jarenlang voor Cannabis Culture, het tijdschrift van Marc Emery, en was medeoprichter van de Marijuana Party of Canada, de BC Marijuana Party en de Vancouver Seed Bank. Larsen schreef meerdere boeken over de plant, waaronder ‘Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone’ en ‘The Pot Puzzle Fun Book’ en gaf miljoenen cannabiszaden gratis weg. Hij richtte de Vancouver Dispensary Society op en leidt Sensible BC, de grootste Canadese grassroots organisatie voor legalisering van cannabis.
Ben Dronkers
Founder of Sensi Seeds, Hempflax, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, Cannabis Culture Awards and sponsor of hundreds of demonstrations, events, action groups, campaigns and organizations in the field of cannabis. Ben Dronkers is a pioneer, a visionary and one successful entrepreneur. His contribution to the international cannabis culture cannot be overstated.
Oprichter van Sensi Seeds, Hempflax, het Hash Marihuana & Hennepmuseum, de Cannabis Culture Awards en sponsor van honderden demonstraties, evenementen, actiegroepen, campagnes en organisaties op het gebied van cannabis. Ben Dronkers is een pionier, een visionair en een succesvolle ondernemer. Zijn bijdrage aan de internationale cannabiscultuur is niet te overschatten.
Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli
Kenzi is a French drug policy reform advocate and researcher at FAAAT (Foundation for an Alternative Approach to Addiction and Substance Dependence) who lives in Barcelona, Spain. He is involved in local campaigns in the Occitania (southern France) and Catalonia (northeastern Spain) regions and is a regular at the CND meetings at the United Nations in Vienna and Geneva and the World Health Organization. He focuses primarily on harm reduction issues as they relate to cannabis and on the cannabis social club model as a health-based approach to cannabis policies.
Kenzi is een Franse activist voor hervorming van het drugsbeleid en onderzoeker bij FAAAT (Foundation for an Alternative Approach to Addiction and Substance Dependence). Hij woont in Barcelona en is betrokken bij campagnes in Occitanië (Zuid-Frankrijk) en Catalonië (Noordoost-Spanje). Kenzi is regelmatig op de CND-bijeenkomsten van de VN in Wenen en Genève en de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie. Hij richt zich op harm reduction in relatie tot cannabis en op het Cannabis Social Club model als een op gezondheid gebaseerde benadering van cannabisbeleid.

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Cannabis goes on trial in South Africa

In South Africa your life can swiftly descent into hell when you smoke cannabis. This is what happened to Myrtle Clarke and Jules Stobbs. They lived their ordinary lives as television producers, where smokers and got caught.

Cannabis goes on trial

In South Africa there are around 3 million people using cannabis. It is the first country in the world where cannabis use was banned and that was as early as 1908. The main reason; To control that part of the population which was using Cannabis the most at that time, mostly the black Africans and the Indians. Until today Dagga, which is South African slang for cannabis, remains a schedule one ‘drug’ alongside heroin.

Cannabis News Network visited several locations in and around Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city, to purchase weed. Consumers are often forced to buy substandard weed, grown on toxic mine dumps.

For the average consumer, dealers are the only way to get cannabis. Only the people with more money or better connections can afford to buy decent strains.

Nowadays Jules and Myrtle are public figures, known as The Dagga couple. They often appear in the media and travel around the world to garner support. In 2014 they visited the Cannabis Culture Award in Amsterdam where activists and cannabis idealists come together. Their story is larger than just South Africa.

For the last five years Jules and Myrtle have been preparing for a trial of the Cannabis plant. They will call on expert witnesses to proof their case. They started a crowdfunding campaign called ‘The Trial of The Plant’ in order to set a legal precedent in South African law.

Their case is due to be heard in the Pretoria High Court in March 2016.

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