Inside Steve Bannon’s Town Hall For A Privately Funded Border Wall (HBO)

While President Trump continued to battle with Congress over funding for building the border wall with Mexico, his former chief strategist Steve Bannon was out in Arizona to back a do-it-yourself approach.

Once the planet’s most powerful political strategist with access to the Oval Office, Bannon is now raising money to fulfill Trump’s signature campaign promise. On Friday he headlined an event at the banquet hall of a retirement community in Arizona to raise private funds for a border wall — made out of hemp. So far the project has raised an astonishing $22 million from small donors in just over a month.

He wants the wall to be technologically state-of-the-art. “I’m obsessed with the hempcrete,” Bannon said, referring to a concrete-like construction material made from hemp. “I think this plant has got tremendous entrepreneurial aspects to it and it’s innovation. We’re not sitting there saying, ‘Hey, just a concrete wall or just a steel barrier.’ It has to be advanced technology.”

VICE News joined Bannon and the team behind ‘We Build the Wall’ to learn how they plan to side-step Washington and build their own wall.

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