Is This Worse Than Watergate? The Impeachment Show (Episode 3)

We are *deep* into the crazy. Three days, nine witnesses, and more than 20 hours of testimony, and that’s just this week.

3:30 – Tina Nguyen and Touré join the panel with Michael Moynihan.

20:10 – Our long bar-crawl to the impeachment finish line continues — this week, in the Bronx.

24:00 – We pretty much know how this impeachment will play out. Everyone votes on party lines. During the Clinton impeachment in 1998, Maryland Republican Congresswoman Connie Morella had to decide how to vote: with her caucus, or with her conscience

28:30 – Liz Landers debriefs the hearings with Rep. Krishnamoorthi, “I think we have to do our duty.”

34:00 – Adrienne Cobb is famous (amongst VICE News viewers) for obsessively tracking every nook and cranny of the Mueller investigation through a highly enthusiastic subreddit called “Keep_Track” — now she and her online fanatics have moved on to the impeachment inquiry. Josh Hersh spends a day inside her Washington State lair (aka computer room) as she moderates her group during the second week of public hearings.

40:00 – Mike Kalenderian gives a guided tour of all the bizarro stuff happening on the internet.

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