Parkland victim’s father paints border wall against gun violence

Venezuelan artist Manuel Oliver, whose 17-year-old son Joaquin Oliver was killed during the Parkland school shooting, paints a mural on the US-Mexico border fence in Tijuana, to raise awareness on the gun violence problem in the United States.

Rainfall worsens conditions in migrant shelters near US borders

Heavy rain is pounding the migrant shelter in Tijuana, worsening the already tough conditions in which hundreds of Central Americans live as they wait for the US to grant them asylum.

Migrants waiting in Mexico after border clashes

(28 Nov 2018) Migrants still wait and hope in Mexico following weekend clashes with US border agents. At least 5,000 migrants are camped out in Tijuana. One recounts what happened over the weekend when US border agents fired tear gas into Mexico. (Nov 28)

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Second migrant caravan arrives at US border

Some 500 migrants, members of a second caravan that crossed Mexico with the goal of reaching the US, arrive at a shelter in Tijuana where another 5,200 migrants from a previous caravan have already arrived.

Migrants rest at camp after failed attempt to cross into US

Migrants hang around in a makeshift camp in Tijuana after US border police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets frustrated a failed attempt to cross into the United States. IMAGES