Dutch populist Thierry Baudet casts his vote in EU elections

Dutch populist Thierry Baudet, leader of the Forum for Democracy (FvD) party, votes in Amsterdam in the European Parliament elections. Anti-immigration, anti-EU and climate change-sceptic, the FvD is expected to be the main winner of the elections in The Netherlands, according to opinion polls.

OPCW study on Douma chemical attack is full of discrepancies – Russia

Russia and Syria have heavily criticised the latest report by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons on April’s alleged #Douma chemical attack in #Syria. Alexander Shulgin, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the #OPCW, was among experts presenting concerns at a news conference in The Hague in The Netherlands.

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The Giants puppets of Royal de Luxe make their Dutch premiere

The Giants puppets of the French company Royal de Luxe make their first show in The Netherlands, walking in the streets of Leeuwarden, the European Capital of Culture 2018, where around 4,000 people are expected over the weekend.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the lab ridding the world of chemical arms

AFP is granted rare access to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) laboratory in The Netherlands. The facility has been key to the two decades of painstaking work by the OPCW to eliminate the world’s toxic arms stockpiles.

Reefer Madness on the Road | Cannabis and Driving | Cannabis News Network

As (medical) cannabis legalization continues to roll out across the planet, governments have a hard time adapting to the idea of driving under the influence (DUI). And while driving under the influence should never be promoted, most governments sadly lack a basic understanding of how cannabis works. Patients are fined and losing their license, while recreational users can get positively tested days after using cannabis. Reefer Madness on the road.

Whereas governments tend to treat a cannabis DUI like an alcohol DUI, they should be treated separately for various reasons.

First and foremost should be looked whether cannabis really impairs driving. Of course, driving on cannabis after your first time consuming is never a good idea. But studies and experiments have shown cannabis use does not impair driving like alcohol does.

Physically, cannabis has been known to leave trails in your blood up to 30 days after consuming. However, you’re not going to feel high 20 days after consumption and neither will it impair your driving. As such, blood tests say very little about how impaired a driver really is.

Then, there’s the troubling case of patients whom can’t drive without cannabis. Or at least, have to consume cannabis to ensure a quality of life. Whether they are actually high while being tested, is irrelevant if they have consumed in the morning to alleviate nuisances.

Arguably the best source of cannabis and driving, the extensive study done by the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition (CDPC).

For this special on cannabis and driving, Cannabis News Network attended the the third international symposium on drug-impaired driving in Lisbon and got to speak with various experts, including: Doug Beirness (Canada, Senior Research & Policy Analyst and Advisor, Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction), Jan Ramaekers (The Netherlands, Professor of Psychopharmacology and Behavioral Toxicology, Maastricht University), Brendan Hughes (EU, EMCDDA, specialist narcotics law) and Darrin Grondel (USA, Governors Highway Safety Association GHSA).

For this publication, various sources have been used including the Deutscher Hanverband (DHV):

New Zealand Drug Foundation:


Transport Accident Commission Victoria

Colorado Department of Transportation

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The Canadian Press

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