Israel launches operation to destroy Hezbollah tunnels

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirms Israel has discovered Hezbollah tunnels infiltrating its territory from Lebanon and launched an operation to destroy them, during a press conference in Tel Aviv. During the press conference the Israeli Defence Forces Chief of staff also reveals footage he says shows members of Hezbollah walking through a tunnel discovered on the Israel-Lebanon border.

Secret statue in Tel Aviv depicts controversial Israeli minister

Israelis look at a statue by Israeli artist Itay Zalait, mocking Israeli Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev that was installed in the morning in Tel Aviv’s Habima square before being removed as it had been set up without a permit, in what some saw as a protest against a legislation opponents say will restrict artistic freedom. The outspoken Regev has drawn the ire of Israel’s cultural establishment with a long series of statements and deeds, most recently promoting a bill that would cut public subsidies to cultural organisations accused of not showing “loyalty” to the State.

Brazil will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem: Bolsonaro

Brazil will move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro says on Twitter, making the Latin American giant the largest country after the United States to make the controversial switch. IMAGES

Israel launches high-speed train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

Travelling at speeds up to 160 kilometres (100 miles) per hour, Israel’s new high-speed train will transport passenger from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv in 21 minutes.

Israel supporters in Paraguay protest embassy move

Israel supporters demonstrate outside the presidential house in Paraguay, a day after the South American country announced it will bring back its embassy in Israel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.