STFU Donny 002

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01. Donny – Demogorgon (Crash Pang Wallop)
02. Teddy Killer & Counterstrike – Horror Story (RAM Records)
03. Prolix – Danger (Shogun Audio)
04. Katharsys – Dirty Like a French Man (Othercide)
05. Donny – The Plan (Crash Pang Wallop)
06. Current Value – The Deep (Othercide)
07. Chris.SU ft. Jade & Mindscape – Solar Eclipse (Eatbrain)
08. Teddy Killerz & Audio – Bugs (RAM Records)
09. Delta Heavy – Bar Fight (RAM Records)
10. Katharsys – Slippery Slope (Othercide)
11. Teddy Killerz – Unbelievable (RAM Records)
12. Emperor – SMPL (Mefjus Remix) (Critical)
13. Synthakt & Counterstrike – I Believe (Algorythm)
14. June Miller – The Final Sequence (RAM Records)
15. Donny & Katharsys – Outbreak (Crash Pang Wallop)
16. Posij – Hunger (MTA Records)
17. Limewax – HLR (PRSPCT)
18. Katharsys – Galactic Subduction (Othercide)
19. Teddy Killerz & June Miller – Outer Space (RAM Records)
20. Donny – Swarm & Multiply (Katharsys Remix) (Crash Pang Wallop)

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Blackout Podcast 60: Telekinesis [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around.

This edition is Mixed by Telekinesis

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1. Telekinesis – NWO (Blackout)
2. James Marvel ft. Mc Mota – Trump (Doctrine Remix) (Audioporn)
3. Impak – Dogs & Cats (C4C)
4. Agressor Bunx – Roadside (Blackout)
5. Akrom – Parallax (?) 6.Neonlight – Tailspin (Blackout)
7. Neonlight & Wintermute – Influx (Misanthrop Remix) (Blackout)
8.The Prodigy – The day is my enemy (Back Company UK remix) (Ram)
9. Delta Heavy – Kill Room (Ram)
10. Loadstar – Change the channel (Ram)
11. Teddy Killerz & June Miller – Outer Space (Ram)
12. Pythius & Black Sun Empire – Heresy (Blackout)
13. Disphonia – Back to the old school feat Kryptomedic (Red Light)
14. Telekinesis – Break (Blackout)
15. Misanthrop & Stoner – Venere (Neosignal)
16. BSE & SOM feat Tiki – Skin Crawler (Blackout)
17. The Upbeats – Def crescent (Neonlight & Wintermute Remix)
18. Phace & Signs – Pamplemousse
19. Telekinesis – Conspiracy (Blackout)
20. The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot (Caly & Teebee Remix) (Ram)
21. Telekinesis – Mass Surveillance (Blackout)
22. TC feat Jakes – Next Hype (Cryssy Criss, ErbnDub, Malux Remix) ( 3beat )
23. Audio – Rogue (Ram)
24. Maztek – Stompin (Mob Tactics Remix) (Eatbrain)
25. Agressor Bunx – Critical moment (Blackout)
26. 26. Black Owlz & The Clampz – Face Scraper (Eatbrain)
27. Zombie Cats & L33 – Haunted House (Eatbrain)
28. Monty – Far side (Red light)
29. June miller – Further seems forever (Ram)

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Teddy Killerz & June Miller – Outer Space

RAM’s Drum & Bass Annual 2016 – watch/listen here!
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Since its inception, the ‘Killer Squad EP’ was going to be undeniably huge. Featuring some of the most resounding names across drum & bass, it’s a meeting of titans bringing together the scene’s most mind-breaking production standards. Using these collaborations to pedestal their extensive experience across all musical platforms, this EP is a monumental landmark for Teddy Killerz journey.
Up first, sees a return of the formidable Teddy Killerz and June Miller super group. Deviating from the sound of their last joint single release and demonstrating the vast repertoire they’re able to tap into, it’s a driving riddim which ducks, dives and dashes between breaks. Unrelenting with rave-style reece and a stocky baseline taking you forward, it’s the perfect starter for what’s yet to come.
‘Sputnik’ sees Teddy Killerz partner with historical figurehead Gridlok, who heads up this nitty roller underpinned with distorted bass and lofty stabs. Teddy Killerz bring their techy, crunching personality amongst systematic breakdowns and elevating beat patterns. Nefarious, yet ingeniously built, ‘Sputnik’ will take you into the morning’s earliest hours.
The merging of Teddy Killerz and Audio’s fearsome talent brings expected results, but they’re no less devastating. Flipped samples and clanking percussion dip between reverberating kick drum. Nastily slick, ‘Bugs’ is robotic in design and remorseless in its application.
Then comes the enormity of Icicle’s brooding, cleverly progressing dynamic for ‘Louder’, which rolls out next. It’s lumbering yet tight in its composition, proving the Eps versatility whilst also demonstrating why Teddy Killerz brought Icicle on board. Amongst chaotic pits of LFO, it’s stocky and clanking, adding more weight to the track listing.
The long awaited Annix collaboration announces itself. Angry, undiluted and the type of jump up which detonates any drum & bass, this fresh cut explodes on impact. Sophisticated yet littered with warbling synth and percussion which acts as a call to arms, it’s a dancefloor anthem for the globe most notorious spots.
And lastly, comes the Czech supernova Counterstrike. Well known for administrating a darkly eclectic style on the decks, he brings the same energy for ‘Horror Show’. Aptly named, your aural nerves are grated by its foreboding intro, launching you head first through a mix of pounding kick drum and distortion. A final gasp before its climatic ending, it’s ends the EP on ricocheting crescendo. The message is clear. Teddy Killerz are back, and they’ve brought with them a host of new toys to play with…

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Noisia Radio S02E30

This week in Noisia Radio we have Phace within our midst answering questions and selecting music, a brand new track from The Upbeats and our weekly selection of new beats and dnb.
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The Upbeats – Mediums [VISION]
Eprom – Samurai [DUB]
Teddy Killerz & June Miller – Outer Space [RAM]
Signal – Basilisk [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Moody Good – Satoshi Nakamoto [SOUNDCLOUD]
Benny L – In The Groove [MAYAN]
Signs – Groove Propulsion [KOSENPROD]
Phazz – Caution [20/20]
Zotti – Ugh [BANDCAMP]
Rakoon – Phantom [PARADISE LOST]
Disphonia – Energy [RED LIGHT]
Distinct Motive – 40hz [DEEP DARK & DANGEROUS]
Dub Phizix – Hooligan Plague [BANDCAMP]
Kije – Connect [CRITICAL BINARY]
Monty – Brighten Up Monty [CRITICAL BINARY]
Grey Code – Making Marks [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Question Time!
noisia + phace – close Second (final) 320.mp3
Neosignal – Machine [DIVISION]
Phace – Brainwave [SUBTITLES]
Tennyson – Like What [BANDCAMP]
Jamie XX – Gosh [YOUNG TURKS]