Wind damage reported in Midwestern states

Strong winds and damage are being reported in the Midwest. WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan reports that the roof was blown off an abandoned building. WHOI-TV reports that wind blew over the sign from a Taco Bell in Morton, Illinois. (Nov. 28)

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Mormon tycoon helps Venezuelans start over in Brazil | AFP

Brazilian tycoon Carlos Wizard Martins has never set foot in Venezuela, but the Mormon businessman is on a mission from God to help thousands of desperate migrants crossing the border to restart their lives. At 62 and nearing retirement from businesses including Taco Bell and Mundo Verde that have turned him into a self-described billionaire, Martins is living on the Brazil-Venezuela border where he runs a volunteer network assisting migrants settle in other parts of Brazil.

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We Tried Everything On Taco Bell’s Dollar Cravings Menu

We taste tested everything on Taco Bell’s new dollar menu, from their triple layer nachos to their cheesy burritos and cinnamon desserts. Some items were delicious. Others were not worth the dollar.

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Chipotle’s Queso And Nachos Versus Taco Bell’s — The Winner Is Clear

After being described as “dumpster juice,” Chipotle has changed its queso recipe and is testing nachos as a new menu item. We taste-tested the recipe against Taco Bell’s queso, and the winner was clear. The following is a transcript of the video.

(Queso 1)

Linette: This looks like paint.

Chris: It’s very solid and doesn’t move or jiggle. I don’t know if it’s edible or not.

Manny: It’s good, it’s just nacho cheese.

Ashley: You know, not super authentic but kind of what you would come to expect from a nacho.

Matt: Tastes like movie theater cheese.

Linette: This is definitely like a cheese sauce, a very American cheese sauce.

Devan: It tastes exactly like the cheese that comes out of the 7-11 machine.

Emma: Yeah I really don’t like that that much.

(Queso 2)

Linette: Okay, that queso is good.

Chris: It looks like it has more, like, peppers or other ingredients into it.

Matt: That’s really good. Yeah, it’s got flavor. It’s nice. I like it.

Ashley: It kind of has a different consistency. It doesn’t have the super smooth consistency that you might see from what you would expect from nachos.

Devan: This is a dinner-party-type cheese. This is a — you’re having a Super Bowl, someone’s bringing over some cheese and chips, they’re bringing this.


Chris: Alright, so, I definitely like this one better already.

Manny: I felt like nacho cheese 2 was doing a little bit too much.

Linette: If you want to eat something delicious, I would go for #2.

Ashley: Chip #1 wins for me.

Matt: The first one kind of sucked.

Emma: I think they were both kinda bad.

Devan: Obviously, this cheese is better than that cheese, but they’re two completely different things.


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