Camp of displaced Syrians flooded by heavy rain

Heavy rains flood a camp of displaced Syrians in Atme, near the Turkish border. IMAGES

UN listing gives lifeline to Syria’s last shadow puppeteer

Syria’s last shadow puppeteer crouches on stage, holding two intricate figures against a brightly lit silk screen and voicing their animated chatter to a group of children. Syrians last week received news that their war-battered country’s shadow theatre has secured a coveted place on the UN’s list of world treasures.

Rain worsens conditions of displaced Syrians in the north

In a makeshift camp in Sarmada in northern Syria, heavy rains have worsen the living conditions of refugees with children wading in the mud, sometimes preventing them from reaching the tents that are used as classrooms and when they attend school, they sit on the ground despite the cold and humidity.

Uprooted Syrians get by with illegal Cairo drinks vans

Espresso, Turkish coffee, tea — a growing number of Syrian drinks peddlers are exploiting a niche in the Cairo market, albeit an illegal one, by selling hot drinks from mobile vans.

After killing, defiant Syria town determined to protest on

Gunmen may have killed their most charismatic activist, but Syrians in Kafranbel are determined to keep the northwestern town’s revolutionary spirit alive.

Displaced SyrianS at camp in Idlib province prepare for winter

Displaced Syrians buy second hand winter clothes at the Kafr Lusin camp in northern Idlib province, near the border with Turkey, as they prepare for winter.

Outside Raqa, displaced Syrians brace for winter in tents

As dust whips up around them, families from Syria’s Raqa ready their tents for the coming winter at a camp for internally displaced people in Ein Issa, still homeless a year after the Islamic State group was expelled from their city.

From Beirut to Babila, Syrian refugee family returns home

Rawad Kurdi is among several thousand Syrians making an emotional journey home from Lebanon, where they sought safety from the war that has ravaged their native country since 2011. Worn down by tough economic conditions in Lebanon and seeing regime victories back home as bringing stability, they have taken advantage of return trips coordinated by Lebanese and Syrian authorities.

Syrians search for IS captives a year after caliphate crumbles

When the Islamic State group lost its Syrian bastion Raqa last year, family members of missing people hoped to finally uncover what happened to their relatives, who vanished years ago in the jihadists’ prisons. But with many IS jails destroyed in fighting and no centralised body investigating the issue, Syrians have spent a year desperately searching with no answers.