Syrians face long waits at gas stations

Drivers in Damascus are waiting for hours at gas stations after the Syrian government enacted limits on subsidised fuel for vehicles in areas controlled by the regime.

One Syrian family’s struggle to start afresh in France

The Al Fakhry family are refugees who have lived in the town of Quissac, in southern France, for the past two and a half years. Originally from Raqqa in Syria, grandparents Asaad and Shiar and three of their seven children were welcomed to the town by a couple of Protestant pastors in September 2016. The family, of Muslim faith, whose house and bookshop were destroyed, fled to Turkey in 2013 before Raqqa fell to fighters from the Islamic State group.

Aleppo’s mysterious ‘Yellow man’

Dressed in yellow from head-to-toe, Abu Zakkour is hailed as part of the “heritage” of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, along with its mediaeval citadel and its ancient covered markets.

Baghouz in ruins after Syrian forces’ victory against IS

Fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are on the ground in Baghouz amidst the debris from the battle against the Islamic State group, the day after they announced the end of the jihadists’ nearly five-year-old “caliphate”.

US coalition envoy congratulates the SDF forces for the defeat of IS

US coalition envoy William Roebuck congratulates the Syrian people and Syrian Democratic Forces for their victory over the Islamic State (IS) group during a ceremony at al-Omar military base. SOUNDBITE

The Final Victory In The Battle Against ISIS Is Now In Sight (HBO)

From gun trenches in the hills overlooking the Syrian town of Baghuz, US-backed Kurdish and Arab fighters known as the Syrian Democratic Forces or SDF rain down automatic weapons fire on what’s left of the Islamic State caliphate.

After being driven out of Mosul in 2017, ISIS has been pushed back – mile-by-mile, through fierce fighting – from nearly all the territory it used to control in Syria into a tiny patch of land on the Euphrates river near the border with Iraq.

SDF commanders like Adnan Afrin say the full territorial victory they’ve spent years fighting for is finally now in sight: “this sprawling organization that stunned the world has crumbled and is close to being defeated. It’s been painful, and difficult – from the day Isis started to this moment…but it’s ending now.”

The SDF advance has been slowed by the number of women and children that have streamed out of ISIS-controlled areas since the bombardment started. More than 60,000 people have left during the course of the siege.

On Wednesday, SDF officials said they were in control of most of the encampment with just a small group of ISIS fighters left inside, surrounded and outnumbered. But from rooftops on the outskirts of Baghuz, SDF snipers continue to take out targets, while 50-caliber machine guns rain down fire from above and US jets patrol the skies overhead.

The battle is almost over, but for now ISIS fighters are still refusing to stop clinging on to their last tiny piece of territory.

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Fighting against last IS resistance continues

Fighting in the Syrian village of Baghouz, the last IS-held pocked in the country, continued on Tuesday. A spokesman says U.S.-backed forces took control of an encampment that IS extremists have held for months. (March 19)

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Assault on IS jihadist redoubt in Syria grinds on

People flee under the fire of US-backed forces as smoke billows following strikes on Baghouz, the Islamic State group’s last Syria redoubt, in the ongoing battle to oust holdout jihadists from the eastern Syrian town. IMAGES