Barely alive after IS, Syrian babies haunted by malnutrition

They survived the Islamic State group’s crumbling “caliphate” by a thread, but skeletal babies streaming into a displacement camp in al-Hol in northeastern Syria now face a race against malnutrition. Medics at Al-Hol, which has been flooded with more than 25,000 displaced people in recent weeks as military operations ramped up, do not have the capacity to treat severely malnourished children and must send them on to hospitals in the city of Hasakeh an hour away.

Syria farmer turns ferryman as river engulfs hometown

The alleyways of the Syrian town of Darkush are normally thronged with pedestrians but since the swollen Orontes River burst its banks, Abu Ihab’s boat provides the main way of getting around.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon hit by freezing temperatures

Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in camps in the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon have been hit by harsh winter weather, including torrential rains and freezing temperatures.

Suicide attack targeting US-led coalition in Syria kills 15

A suicide attack targeting US-led coalition forces in the flashpoint northern Syrian city of Manbij killed a US serviceman and 14 other people, a monitor said.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon camps suffer heavy snowfall

Syrian refugees living in camps in Lebanon’s Beqaa valley call for help as they face a lack of supplies and assistance following heavy snowfall.